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Category: Economy

Erdogan sacks the deputy governor of the Turkish central bank 21
Adana municipality receives 52,000 applications for 200 job openings 22
Turkey's abrupt central bank switch entrenches Erdogan's unorthodoxy: Fitch 23
Turkey's economic mess is no divine test – it is a policy failure - by David Lepeska 24
People of Turkey turn deaf ear to Erdoğan’s call to sell gold, foreign currencies 25
Top German companies not seeking new investment in Turkey – report 26
Foreign funds have billions at stake in Turkish market volatility 27
‘2.8 billion lira transferred to Ministry’s R&D fund missing’: Opposition MP 28
Turkey’s plunging lira: don’t expect an end to this saga soon 29
Manhattan Court Gave Erdogan's Pet Bank a Get-out-of-Jail-Free Card 30