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The International Labor Office was requested by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the government of the Central African Republic to provide technical support to the Project to Support Resilience and Food and Nutritional Security in the prefectures of Kémo and Ouaka (PARSANKO), with a view to defining sustainable solutions facilitating access to employment in the agricultural sector as well as improving the quality of the national workforce and employment. This support is also part of the implementation of the action plan of the joint ILO/AfDB forum, organized in February 2019 in Brazzaville, which resulted in a specific agreement between the ADB and the ILO for the sub-region. of central Africa. 

The areas of technical assistance from the ILO to PARSANKO are:

  • Provide pilot training establishments with tools to improve the offer of agricultural vocational training and promote entrepreneurship for graduates 
  • Establish sustainable conditions favorable to rural entrepreneurship in order to make this sector attractive for young people and women and help them create agricultural businesses in promising niches of pilot sectors. 
  • PARSANKO’s intervention area is made up of the prefectures of Kémo and Ouaka, making it possible to extend the actions of the PADECAS (BAD) and PREPAS (FIDA) projects there on similar issues. The project headquarters will be based in Bangui, in an SNU building, to facilitate better interaction with the PARSANKO Execution Unit. 
  • The Project team, based in Bangui, in the Central African Republic, will be composed of a National Project Coordinator, an Administrative Assistant (Ve) and a Financial Assistant (Ve). era) to the Project and a Driver (e) Messenger (e).

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Under the general responsibility of the Director of the ILO Country Office for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, the Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon and Chad in Kinshasa, under the direct supervision of the CNP of the Project, and in close collaboration with the management team of the ILO Office in Kinshasa, the Administrative and Financial Assistant will be in charge of administrative and financial operations, including monitoring activities planned within the framework of the said Project.
  • To this end, the Administrative and Financial Assistant will be generally responsible for,

Administrative tasks :

  • Provide administrative support during activities organized within the framework of the project which consists of the evaluation and management of registers and administrative files, interpretation, maintenance of official documents, files and databases, drafting evaluation reports as part of monitoring the ILO technical assistance project; provide the project supervisor with information on administrative procedures;
  • Coordinate the administrative activities of the project in collaboration with the administrative sections of the office, and keep staff members, experts and/or consultants informed on administrative procedures;
  • Participate in internal meetings to take notes and provide information on administrative matters;
  • Provide administrative or secretarial support for meetings, seminars and/or symposia;
  • Prepare draft correspondence, memorandums and administrative reports based on oral or written directives, previous correspondence or other available sources of information in accordance with standard office procedures.  

Financial tasks:

  • Keep financial records related to the project in order to reconcile expenses, balances, payments; prepare financial reports for seminars and workshops;
  • Prepare purchases based on specifications and cost estimates for planned activities in accordance with ILO procedures;
  • Prepare and verify supporting documents, monitor project expense payments, and prepare budget analysis and forecasts as needed;
  • Advise and assist project staff, experts and consultants on financial matters; analyze and improve the periodic and final financial reports of the project executing agencies;
  • Make travel arrangements, make hotel reservations and establish travel authorizations;
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by management.

Required Qualifications


  • The position holder must have completed secondary education followed by training in management, accounting and/or finance, or other training deemed equivalent. 


  • At least five years of experience in the areas of financial and administrative management; have good references in workshop organization, communication and public relations.


  • Excellent command of French and good knowledge of another official language of the Central African Republic. Knowledge of English is an asset.





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