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The Finance and Administrative Officer is responsible for providing a range of administrative management support activities to the UNESCO entities in Addis Ababa. He/She reports directly to the Directors of the entities with a functional reporting line to the ADG/ADM.  On matters of financial internal control, he/she receives a delegated authority from the Chief Finance Officer as certifying officer. He/She will receive policy guidance/ instructions from Bureau of Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Bureau of Strategic Planning and Programme Sector ADGs on their respective areas of responsibilities. He/She will be assisted in the discharge of his/her duties by the Administrative Support Section.     

General Accountabilities

  • Advise and support the Director of the UNESCO entities in Addis Ababa (Liaison Office and IICBA) on all administration, budget, financial, human resources, premises-related and security matters within the entities.
  • Ensure compliance with UNESCO policies, rules, regulations and procedures in terms of financial and human resources, as well as with provisions of Host Country Agreement.
  • Maintain proper inventory, filing and recording systems.
  • Ensure that the assets of the organization are safeguarded at all times, ensure supervision and insurance of premises, equipment, furniture and vehicles and its maintenance.
  • Represent the UNESCO entities in Addis Ababa in the Organizational Management Team (OMT) set by the UN Country Team (UNCT) to advise on administration, budget, financial, human resources (HR), premises-related and security matters.
  • Liaise with the host country authorities on logistical matters and contributions to operations as per Host Country Agreement.
  • Assist and advise the Directors of the UNESCO entities in Addis Ababa in the negotiation of lease agreements as applicable.

Financial and Budgetary Accountabilities

  • Advise the Directors of the UNESCO entities in Addis Ababa (Liaison Office and IICBA) in budget preparation.
  • Monitor execution of Regular Budget and extra-budgetary resources and ensure appropriate budgetary control.
  • Ensure that managers within the UNESCO entities in Addis Ababa are aware of budgetary principles, methodologies, rules and procedures and facilitate their training when required.
  • Liaise with UNESCO’s central services on budgetary issues relating to harmonization and alignment within the UN system, seeking clearance on those which may affect UNESCO’s current rules and procedures.
  • Ensure the UNESCO entities’s financial resources and expenditures are fully and properly accounted for and that internal control systems are adequate and functioning.
  • Act as Certifying Officer ensuring that financial transactions are in compliance with regulations, rules, policies and procedures.
  • Act as the focal person for financial and legal discussions with IICBA’s donors and financial partners.
  • Ensure that the Institute’s accounts are maintained, consolidated and reported to UNESCO’s Headquarters & Governing Board, in compliance with UN System Accounting Standards, financial regulations for the Institute Special Accounts, and the Governing Board’s Appropriation Resolution.
  • Ensure that the generation of accounts is aligned with standard audit requirements.
  • ln line with the Organization’s policies and procedures, set up proper accounting procedures and internal control systems.
  • Ensure efficient local banking arrangements and compliance with local financial and banking regulations and UNESCO policy.
  • Ensure procurement of equipment and supplies are in line with rules and procedures.

Human Resources Management

  • Advise the Directors of the UNESCO entities in Addis Ababa on Staff related matters.
  • Provide explanations to staff on their rights and duties, related administrative steps and procedures, and assist them in matters involving personnel management problems.
  • Administer day to day HR issues within the UNESCO entities in Addis Ababa and ensure appropriate and timely follow-up with the relevant Programme Sectors and central services.
  • Liaise with HRM on all issues relating to local UN harmonization and alignment of human resources management, seeking clearance on those which may affect UNESCO’s current rules and procedures.

Safety and Security 

  • Assist the he Directors of the UNESCO entities in Addis Ababa in ensuring compliance with prevailing UN Common security policies, procedures and standards.
  • Act as the UNESCO entities’ Focal Point for the safety and security of the UNESCO personnel and the UNESCO premises in the host country.
  • Collaborate with the Designated Official for Security and with the UNDSS Chief Security Advisor on all security ­related issues.



  • Advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) in the field of Finance, Business Administration, Accounting, or closely related field(s). 
  • Professionally recognized accountancy qualification.

Work Experience 

  • Minimum 4 years of relevant professional experience in administration, finance, accounting or related areas, of which preferably at least 2 year at the international level.


  • Excellent knowledge (oral and written) of English and fair knowledge of French.





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