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Date Posted July 10, 2024
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Single Pay News has made it incredibly easy to sell your writing.  

Post your work for sale on Single Pay News. It is free.  Go to, click on the “plus” button  in the middle of the bottom of the page, and post your work.  

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You don’t even have to make an account. Just provide your PayPal email with your post so we can pay you.

Next, promote your work.  All of your stories will have a unique link. Post the link on social media, send it in an email to your friends, put it in comments on other websites, however you want to promote your work.

Finally, collect your money. Single Pay News tracks every sale you make, so you can see who is buying, what works, and what doesn’t.  At the end of the month, you get paid eighty percent of your sales, directly to the PayPal account you submitted with your post.  

Single Pay News will help you build your audience.  On, your work is prioritized for everyone who has ever bought from you, to help you quickly build a loyal audience of dedicated readers.

Right now is also a great time to post an article, because Single Pay News is paying a $10 bonus.  For the time being, each day the tenth person to offer an article for sale automatically gets paid a $10 bonus by Single Pay News. 

Give it a try, and email us with any questions at [email protected]

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