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Tag: Economy

Turkish lira collapses to new low: ‘Soon we will be like Syria or Libya’ 19
Is Turkey’s wealth fund becoming a crisis shelter? 20
Turkey Revises Required Reserve Rule to Help Boost Loan Growth 21
No wonder Turkey’s in a hurry to open up its economy, latest economic data is catastrophic 22
Turkey’s megaprojects threaten ‘mega’ financial havoc 23
Turkey has sold $44bn defending the lira this year, say bankers 24
No cause to party in Turkey with Q1 growth of 4.5% y/y overshadowed by “ominous” outlook for Q2 25
Erdogan’s Fourth Attempt to Take Over Turkey’s Largest Private Bank 28
Qatar offers Turkey relief by tripling FX swap line to $15 bln 29
Turkey blames 'foreign powers' for fresh currency woes 30