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Category: Politics

Turkey’s far-right-linked mob boss reveals ties to owner of Turkish media group 21
Abducted teacher says prosecutor is protecting his torturers: report 22
Erdoğan blocks news about himself, his family, his senior officials: report 23
Turkish defence chief in Iraq to impose security-for-water formula 24
Turkey pressures social media with ad bans, Twitter in jeopardy 25
Biden administration 'to declassify report' into Khashoggi murder 26
Turkey seeks detention of journalist over tweet mourning woman killed by ISIL: report 27
Turkish football star Hakan Şükür’s father given jail sentence over Gülen links: report 28
The right to life of Nigerian migrant killed in police custody violated, Turkish Constitutional Court says 29
US’ top foreign policy diplomat hints at continued hardline approach to Turkey 31