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Category: Politics

Show us the money: Erdogan pressed over $128 billion used to support lira 21
Erdoğan tackles Turkey’s food insecurity with potatoes and onions 22
Former Xinjiang Internment Camp Detainee Honored With ‘Hero of the Year’ Award 23
Turkish ‘kingmaker’ edges Erdoğan further right 24
Denmark strips Syrian refugees of residency permits and says it is safe to go home 25
Writer who threatened to massacre neighbors in event of coup attempt was given police protection 26
La Turquie sévèrement condamnée par la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme pour la détention d’Ahmet Altan
Evidence piles up to indicate Turkish intelligence recruited Gülen disciple to frame the group for coup attempt 27
Erdoğan criticizes opposition, using ethnic and religious slur 28
ECHR judge cites Bob Dylan's song in dissenting opinion in favor of novelist Ahmet Altan 29