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Erdogan says terrorists, not Greece, were target of his earlier threats 47
Biden links Turkey's F-16 sale with Sweden's NATO bid in call to Erdogan

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Turkey’s central bank hikes interest rates again as it tries to tame eye-watering inflation 55
Foreign residents leave Antalya due to rising cost of living 56
Turkish Finance Minister Şimşek unveils large-scale privatization of infrastructure facilities 57

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Israel attacks Damascus Airport, kills five soldiers 58
Top court rejects CHP petition seeking cancelation of parole law that excludes political prisoners 59
Turkey’s notorious Silivri Prison operating at twice its capacity 60
Announcement of partial mobilization in Russia is indicator of situation's seriousness: Turkish FM 61
Life in Azerbaijan’s Digital Autocracy: ‘They Want to be in Control of Everything’ 62
63-year-old woman detained after criticizing Turkish gov’t in public market 63
Armenian deputy calls on Turkish ministry to save crumbling historic synagogue 64
Hate speech against refugees increases on Turkish social media as a new wave of Afghan migrants arrives 65

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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has recently made a speech where he has outlined how to gradually exit the Covid-19 lockdown for Turkey. After outlining the ‘normalisation plan’, Erdoğan has also talked about Turkey’s fight against ‘terrorists’ inside and outside Turkey. While describing these ‘terrorists’, he used the term “kılıç artığı”. This term can be […]

Erdogan’s bad-faith recognition of the Native American Genocide

As the saying goes, “even a broken clock is right twice a day.” While the broken clock of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was right when he proposed recognizing the genocide of Native Americans at the hands of the United States, his words did not stem from a deep-seated desire for justice: in fact, quite […]

Is Trump`s the Middle East Peace Plan peaceful?

A Middle East that has been the political and military hotbed of world superpowers for hundreds of years, this time in a new world and with the new policy will be influenced by the seemingly peaceful policy of the West. Due to the unveiling of the Century Deal plan that included only the Israeli side […]

Turkey continues extending roots into the Kurdistan Region

Turkish aerial and ground operations inside the territories of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have noticeably increased in recent weeks, accompanied with wide Kurdish reactions of resistance and solidarity accompanied with an increasing sense of imminent danger. The attacks face wide local reactions from people and various Kurdish sides with shy condemnation of Kurdish and […]

Powerplay in the Middle East: Turkey is not alone – by Matt Roggo

What follows is power politics. I want to give a larger perspective. The assumption is that it is of historical significance to have a strong Turkey between Europe, other Muslim nations, and Asia. Historically, the balance of power between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire played a central role in European foreign policy. It was a […]

Peace without the Palestinians: Why Turkey must resist

Let’s face it: There is no justice and no peace between Israel and Palestinians. There is absence of war, yes, but otherwise it’s a total stalemate. The demands of the Israeli are not acceptable for the Palestinians, and the demands of the Palestinians are not acceptable for the Israeli. Simple and fatal. The Arabs are […]

Selahattin Demirtas and the politics of fiction

On February 14, police in Ankara raided the homes of university students and found one of them reading Leylan, the first novel by Selahattin Demirtas, former co-chair of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP), published a month prior on January 22. The newspaper BirGün reported that, while in custody, the police asked the student if they were […]

The Place of Turkey in a Multipolar World

Politics. Not easy … not easy to understand what’s behind President Erdoğan’s decisions. I do not pretend that I have the answer to this riddle. It’s safe to assume that Erdoğan somehow has a plan, and that he somehow knows what he is doing. The question is, what could such a “plan” be? Personal gain and securing power, that’s the […]

PCR: Gold Standard or House of Cards?

No matter what anybody’s personal feelings or beliefs are about the Covid-19 pandemic, one truth we should all embrace is that we are awash in a sea of lies. Whether from mainstream, alternative, or my personal favorite “official” sources, the generally accepted narrative just doesn’t seem to match reality. And with more and more credible […]

Turkey and Germany in a Eurasian Perspective

The historical partnership between Germany and Turkey withstood many adverse tides, namely the EU membership question, human rights issues, and others. But there was always mutual respect. Berlin shows respect and restraint, as it does toward Russia. Likewise, Ankara doesn’t want to trick the Germans into anything. The “friendly conflict” or “conflictual friendship” of Turkey […]

The Turkish Opposition’s Competition for ‘Voting Blocs’: Erroneous Priorities & Double Standards

As it has become commonplace in Turkey, political dynamics continue their constant change with each coming day from the detention of journalists to the Turkish President threating to ‘cut the tongues’ of Turkish pop stars. Such unpredictability is further exacerbated by the chronic economic crisis in the country as the wages and savings for a […]

Is Erdogan’s Turkish World Real?

The 21st century will be the Turkish century and the Turkish world. Turkey’s Daily Sabah quoted the Turkish president not long ago as saying that the concerns of neighbors and international powers about Ankara’s ambition were not unprovoked. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently hosted a meeting of Turkish-speaking countries known as the Council of […]

From Turkey To India – Free Speech Is An Anathema To The Rulers

Politicians, the world over, do not seem to laugh at themselves as much any longer. That self-deprecating sense of humour, which distinguishes a statesmanlike political figure in the crowd of ordinary practitioners of politics, is now a lost art – which probably explains why freedom of expression is at a premium in modern time. Turkish […]

Why recognize a genocide, and at what cost? The Kurdish Movement and the Memory of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey

Adnan Çelik [1] When something bad happens in Kurdistan, Turkey, it is normal to fatefully exclaim: “A curse of a hundred years!”  There is no doubting the origin of this popular saying and the ghosts it evokes. It refers to the genocide of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire beginning in April 1915 by the […]

‘Whataboutism,’ Is There Such a Thing? – by Nick Kossovan

If everyone is guilty of something, is no one guilty of anything?             Morality doesn’t pick sides. It doesn’t care about borders, political ideologies, socio-economic status, religions, genders, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or whether you like pineapple on your pizza. (Have I covered everything we use to divide ourselves?).              There’s good, and there’s bad. Bad […]

The Rojava Revolution Has Lessons for Western Feminism

There’s no one size fits all feminism.             Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Naomi Klein, and Tarana Burke, who started the #MeToo movement back in 2006, et al. have done a condemnable job analyzing and criticizing the effects the remains of Western patriarchal society have on women not having equal participation and more importantly access to, […]

Is Turkey the “Gatekeeper” of NATO?

Now that Sweden and Finland have officially applied for membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), it may be time to pay homage to a story about the Atlantic alliance that appeared in Henry Kissinger’s memoirs, White House Years. In 1965, he wrote a book about the organization, The Troubled Partnership: A Reappraisal of […]

The Republicans rally behind the Trump camp – inflation is also playing into their hands

Western states have expanded their money supply drastically in recent years. This happened without high inflation rates, because there was a great elasticity of goods. The US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank could not print so much money that the increase in production could not have been matched by a corresponding supply of […]

Politicians and Their Legacies

Journalists often equate Erdogan with Putin, Clinton with Blair, Reagan with Thatcher. I’d like to make another comparison: Turk and Franklin! If your hand went to your head involuntarily, bear with me, this duo leaves Erdogan and Putin comparison in the shade! This essay is about Benjamin Franklin—highlighting his exploits that may shed some light […]

The Era of Green Coalition is Coming to an End. What is Europe’s Way Forward?

According to the Danish Energy Agency, more than half of the gas has leaked from the affected pipes at Nord Stream I and Nord Stream II. The gas pipelines were damaged after suspected sabotage and may soon be forever unusable. According to government sources, the entry of large amounts of salt water could lead to […]

Two Questions about the Nord Stream Sabotage

On September 26, impressive leaks preceded by underwater explosions were identified on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. Until Thursday, there were a total of four such leaks, which would be the result of sabotage according to the Danish and Swedish authorities who are leading the investigation. At this […]

Erdogan in Turkey: One last earthquake?

Erdogan should be no stranger to seismology. This is, after all, the man who won ‘landslide’ victories in multiple Prime Ministerial and Presidential elections, the man whose Justice & Development party was heralded as shaking the foundations of Turkish civil society, the man who is no stranger to a political earthquake. Yet, last month’s devastating […]

Turkish trace in the assassination of Ahrar al-Sham commander

The assassination of Saddam Al-Moussa, a field commander of Syrian opposition faction Ahrar al-Sham this January, got almost no coverage in the international media despite obscure circumstances of the incident and many evidence pointing towards Turkey’s involvement. A deeper look into local reports allows to elevate the issue from local power struggle to the clash […]

Turkey exploited Ukraine’s ambitions to frame Syrian Kurds

Obsession with the Kurds made Turkish intelligence services jeopardise the interests of global powers in the region. Major Pentagon leak last month opened a rare window into sophisticated intelligence operations conducted by the U.S. to spy on their own allies. While journalists and analysts are still busy examining the trove of highly classified documents for new details, […]

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Erdogan says terrorists, not Greece, were target of his earlier threats 99
Biden links Turkey's F-16 sale with Sweden's NATO bid in call to Erdogan

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