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Qatar to invest billions of dollars in Turkey amid currency crisis 34
Turkey's lira: The story of an epic downfall 35
Erdogan's snap economic rethink prompted by bleak briefings: Turkish sources 36

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Minister: Turkey formally asked US to return 84 people over Gulen links 37
Finland suspects illegal visas issued at embassy in Turkey: report 38
Housing sales to foreigners in Turkey increased by 78.3 percent in 2018 39
US might take action against Turkey for its gold trade with Venezuela - U.S. 40
Journalist reveals document destroying gov’t narrative about July 15 41
'Strong suspicion' Turkey police shot rights lawyer: local bar association 42
Korean businessman assaulted in Turkey 43
Turkey's economic crisis crushes famed carpet industry 44

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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has recently made a speech where he has outlined how to gradually exit the Covid-19 lockdown for Turkey. After outlining the ‘normalisation plan’, Erdoğan has also talked about Turkey’s fight against ‘terrorists’ inside and outside Turkey. While describing these ‘terrorists’, he used the term “kılıç artığı”. This term can be […]

Erdogan’s bad-faith recognition of the Native American Genocide

As the saying goes, “even a broken clock is right twice a day.” While the broken clock of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was right when he proposed recognizing the genocide of Native Americans at the hands of the United States, his words did not stem from a deep-seated desire for justice: in fact, quite […]

Is Trump`s the Middle East Peace Plan peaceful?

A Middle East that has been the political and military hotbed of world superpowers for hundreds of years, this time in a new world and with the new policy will be influenced by the seemingly peaceful policy of the West. Due to the unveiling of the Century Deal plan that included only the Israeli side […]

Turkey continues extending roots into the Kurdistan Region

Turkish aerial and ground operations inside the territories of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have noticeably increased in recent weeks, accompanied with wide Kurdish reactions of resistance and solidarity accompanied with an increasing sense of imminent danger. The attacks face wide local reactions from people and various Kurdish sides with shy condemnation of Kurdish and […]

Powerplay in the Middle East: Turkey is not alone – by Matt Roggo

Let me introduce three bullet points and briefly comment on them. This piece is not about human rights, democracy and the presidents of Turkey and Russia. What interests me is the situation in the Middle East. The hope and the argument for the near future is this: Sooner or later, President Erdoğan and his successors will adapt […]

Peace without the Palestinians: Why Turkey must resist

Let’s face it: There is no justice and no peace between Israel and Palestinians. There is absence of war, yes, but otherwise it’s a total stalemate. The demands of the Israeli are not acceptable for the Palestinians, and the demands of the Palestinians are not acceptable for the Israeli. Simple and fatal. The Arabs are […]

Selahattin Demirtas and the politics of fiction

On February 14, police in Ankara raided the homes of university students and found one of them reading Leylan, the first novel by Selahattin Demirtas, former co-chair of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP), published a month prior on January 22. The newspaper BirGün reported that, while in custody, the police asked the student if they were […]


Since 9/11, issues of violence, authoritarianism and underdevelopment in the Muslim world have attracted much attention in the media as well as academia. Two-thirds of all wars and about one-third of all minor military conflicts in 2009 occurred in Muslim-majority countries. According to the United States-based think-tank Freedom House, in 2013, less than one-fifth of […]

Open Letter to Fethullah Gülen, Founder of Hizmet Movement

Dear Respected and Honorable Hodja Effendi, As-salaam Alaikum I hope my letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. I had the pleasure of visiting you twice. Both visits remain cherished memories in my life. The compassion and honesty with which you answered my questions have remained seared in my memory. For that […]

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Turkish authorities should stop harassing Mesopotamia News Agency and release detained reported Dindar Karataş: CPJ 61
Turkey has removed 151 mayors on ‘terror charges’ since 2014: Interior Ministry 62
Interior Minister: 292,000 detained, 96,000 arrested over Gülen links so far 63

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