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The News About Turkey (NAT) welcomes submissions of opinion articles on any topic regarding Turkey in particular and the Middle East in general for publication online. Submissions must be exclusive to us. We do not consider articles sent to other publications or posted online, including on a personal blog, We consider only completed articles and do not provide guidance on ideas or proposals.  You need NOT possess any special expertise to have your article considered for publication.

We are also interested in interviews, reviews (books, essays, films, other pieces of cultural production), dispatches and cartoons that meet our editorial interests.

You can submit your article, interview, review, dispatch and cartoon via the form below or email: [email protected] Please do not forget to include a short bio.

You can also post FREE classified ads such as academic events & activities (conferences, seminars, Call for Papers announcements), jobs, internships, scholarships, funds, grants, etc.

We will be glad if you can send us tips regarding Turkey. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a tip about something we should be investigating? If you have documents or other materials that we should see?

Please communicate with us either via this form below or email: [email protected]

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