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Uzbek maid claimed to have committed suicide in AKP deputy’s house did not pull the trigger 21
Five years with turbulent Turkey's 'militant people' 22
70-year-old illiterate woman gets 3 years for carrying placard during 2009 march 23
Calling 2016 coup attempt a ‘scenario’ is not a crime, top Turkish court rules 24
Daughter of former AKP mayor never worked for municipality, yet paid for 5 years 25
Turkey adopts wide-scale deportation, crackdown against Syrian refugees 26
Turkey’s ‘Academics for Peace’ defend their beliefs from prison cells and exile 27
Kurdish airport worker commits suicide over social exclusion due to ethnic roots 28
As battle for Istanbul reaches fever pitch, Turkey's ruling party regrets its pop culture problem 29
Initially Defiant Turkey Complies With U.S. Sanctions On Iranian Oil 38