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Category: NAT TV

'My house is burning, oh my God' - Villagers tell of devastation as nation hit by worst infernos in a decade 18
Documentary details torture of Turkish diplomats in police custody 19
Human rights groups say they have evidence Turkish spies are abducting political opponents of President Erdogan 20
Public opinion: The two-state solution in Cyprus 21
Des Ouïgours sont déportés en Chine depuis des pays du Moyen-Orient
Former prime minister confirmed reports of Kurdish villagers were thrown from a helicopter 22
Turkey: A country in “Handcuffs” 23
Resident asks Erdoğan to seize neighbors’ flats over alleged Gülen links 24
How Europe's waste ends up on Turkey's beaches 25
Turkey's pro-gov’t daily editor-in-chief: Will you find a better caliph than Erdoğan? 26