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Tag: Erdogan

Erdogan calls US unrest ‘disgrace for democracy’ 21
Hundreds of children stood trial for ‘insulting’ Erdoğan over six years: report 22
Turkey orders detention of 304 military personnel over suspected Gulen links 23
Erdoğan's New Charm Offensive: Bogus Democratic Reforms 24
Wary Turks aren’t buying President Erdogan’s economic promise yet 25
Erdoğan's Jihad on "Infidel Europe" 26
French FM accuses Turkey of trying to ‘whip up hatred’ against France 27
European officials accused of gifting Erdogan PR boost while snubbing human rights groups in Turkey 28
Qatar intel officer bribed Erdogan aide $65 mln to push Turkey military deal: Report 29
Turkey passes social media regulation bill that could increase online censorship 30