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Tag: Russia

Turkey says U.S. warships to deploy in Black Sea until May 4 19
US President Biden maintains tough line on Turkey over Russia arms 20
Turkey’s Erdogan hopes for positive steps on F-35 jet program during Biden’s term 21
Russia sents more officers to Syria where Turkish, Kurdish forces clashed 22
Russia playing political games, stalling progress in Mediterranean: Pompeo 23
Trudeau pranked into talking Trump, ‘South Park’ with fake Greta Thunberg 24
Macron blames Russia and Turkey for bolstering anti-French sentiment in Africa 25
Coronavirus: Turkey interested in producing Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine 26
Analysis: Russia and Turkey keep powder dry in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict 27
Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of trying to attack pipelines, Nagorno-Karabakh tensions rise 28