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Tag: Turkey

Macron's Clash of Civilizations With Islam Is Misguided 21
Trump Is a Weaker Demagogue than Erdogan and Modi 22
French FM accuses Turkey of trying to ‘whip up hatred’ against France 23
Turkey’s Erdogan renews call for France’s Macron to undergo mental checks 24
France urges end to boycott of French goods as Macron defends Prophet Muhammad cartoons 25
Erdogan calls for boycott of French goods, EU calls his comments 'unacceptable' 26
Turkey’s Erdogan says Libya ceasefire doesn’t seem ‘too achievable’ 27
Turkey guilty of violating free speech right, finds European court 28
Turkey's Erdogan Gets Away With Foreign Policy Adventurism 29
Turkey-backed hardliner beats left-wing incumbent in Turkish Cypriot runoff 30