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Tag: USA

"We are finally ready to partner with Assad and Putin but it is hard to know whom to trust":The Kurds’ commander in chief 18
Syria safe zones: what is driving the unexpected rapprochement between the US and Turkey? 19
Kurds Falling Prey to Turkey Expansionist Policy 20
Turkey, US agree to launch 1st phase of so-called safe zone plan in northern Syria 21
Secret Syrian deal between Russia and Turkey uncovered 24
F-35 fiasco fortifies Turkey-China ties: Israel 25
US says it will prevent Turkey invasion of Syria 26
How President Trump Is Undercutting Pompeo in a Dispute Over Turkey's Purchase of a Russian Missile System 27
Israel reportedly lobbied Washington to drop Turkey from F-35 program 28
U.S. jury convicts business partner of ex-Trump adviser of secretly lobbying for Turkey 30