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Category: Health

EU rejects fruits from Turkey due to harmful pesticide residues 20
Turkey gives record 1.24 million vaccine doses in one day
US warns against travel to Turkey due to COVID-19, urges increased caution for arbitrary detentions, terrorism 21
Potential live virus contamination behind Iran's decision to dump Covid vaccine
China must pay a historic price if COVID-19 lab leak is reality - by Michael Rubin 22
Erdoğan’s momentary dozing off in Eid greeting video reignites debate about his health 23
Turkey records highest daily virus toll since mid-May
Galatasaray- Olympiakos friendly match canceled over COVID-19 testing spat 24
For Turkey’s Sephardic Jews, Spanish passports provide a pathway for vaccination 25
England could host CL final due to new Turkey travel curbs 26