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Turkish-backed militias cut down nearly 1.5 mln trees in Afrin: report 18
Anger builds in Turkey’s Black Sea region as flash floods kill at least 44 19
Forestland in Turkey destroyed by wildfires has risen 846 pct in 2021: report 20
Guns reported missing in Turkey enough to arm 20 brigades, journalist says 21
Why did you CONTINUE distributing weapons in the aftermath of the July 15?: Peker to Soylu 22
Turkish Central Bank Governor under investigation over alleged plagiarism in Ph.D. thesis 23
Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals upholds life sentences in Turkey’s 1997 postmodern coup trial 24
Counterterrorism police accused of extorting money from wealthy suspects 25
Prominent Turkish musician commits suicide allegedly due to financial problems 26
Suicides increase in Turkey amid pandemic and economic downturn 27