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GCA - Global Center on Adaptation

VACANCY TITLE: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Specialist

GCA TEAM: Research for Impact

LOCATION: Groningen or Rotterdam, the Netherlands


START DATE: As soon as possible


SALARY INDICATION: 70,000 – 96,000 EUR (Yearly gross –including all benefits)

The salary and seniority will be determined based on the following considerations: job-related knowledge and skills, education, and experience.


The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is seeking a creative and entrepreneurial candidate to join its offices in Groningen or Rotterdam (the Netherlands) as a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Specialist.

GCA is a leading international organization dedicated to addressing climate change and promoting adaptation action for resilient development. We collaborate with governments, International Financial Institutions (IFIs), businesses, and communities to develop and implement innovative solutions that strengthen resilience and support adaptation to climate change impacts.

Join the Global Center on Adaptation’s Research for Impact Team (R4I) as a Senior Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Specialist. At GCA, you’ll contribute to transformative projects that make a lasting impact on global climate resilience. You’ll have the freedom to innovate and the support to bring your bold ideas to life. If you’re excited about creating meaningful change and building a sustainable future, we’d love to have you on our team. 


GCA’s strategy in Africa is implemented under the flagship Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP), launched by GCA and the African Development Bank (AfDB) to scale up adaptation efforts and mobilize finance for climate-resilient development in Africa. To date, GCA has integrated adaptation solutions into $9 billion worth of investments funded by IFIs across Africa. GCA’s work under the AAAP focuses on four pillars where investments in adaptation and resilience building can yield high economic dividends for African nations, including: Food security; Infrastructure and Nature-based Solutions; Youth entrepreneurship and adaptation jobs; and Adaptation finance.

The role demands expertise in the Research for Impact (R4I) team’s business lines. R4I conducts research to support GCA’s programmatic work and develops academic and training programs on adaptation to empower scholars and professionals as well as serving as an adaptation incubator to globalize the exchange of adaptation knowledge which would have otherwise remained geographically constrained. The three R4I business lines designed for program support and expanding knowledge networks are: 

  • Advancing Climate Analytics: Supporting efforts to enhance climate analytics in data-scarce regions, assess risks to climate-vulnerable infrastructures.
  • Scaling Impact: Driving the development and implementation of comprehensive ex-ante and ex-post evaluation frameworks to guide data collection and analysis, ensuring effective monitoring, learning, and scaling of impact.
  • Capacity Enhancement and Knowledge Dissemination: Facilitating efforts to foster capacity building in impact evaluation in the field of climate adaptation within and outside GCA.

As a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Specialist, you will lead the design and implementation of GCA’s results strategy, which includes developing comprehensive evaluation frameworks to enhance data collection, analysis, and reporting systems. Reporting directly to the R4I Manager and under the oversight of the Senior Director of Programs, you will collaborate with technical and regional teams to ensure effective monitoring, foster learning, and scale impact across our initiatives.


This position calls for an experienced, proactive individual who is committed to advancing global adaptation efforts through comprehensive evaluation and adaptive learning practices.

Responsibilities will include:

Strengthen and lead GCA’s approach to managing for results

  • Lead GCA’s monitoring and evaluation process, including supporting Program Teams in developing milestones and targets, validating data collected through GCA’s results monitoring systems, and facilitating activity completion reports for projects.
  • Develop and update internal procedures, including guidance notes for results reporting and develop a concise Operations Manual for the monitoring system.
  • Refine GCA’s results strategy, including the Theory of Change and Results Framework.
  • Ensure alignment of the GCA Results Framework with country needs and donor funding mandates.

Strengthen and lead GCA’s approach to Business Line Reviews

  • Conduct regular and systematic reviews of all strategic business lines to assess their effectiveness and efficiency. Utilize both quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods to measure performance against the organization’s strategic objectives and key performance indicators.
  • Generate actionable insights and identify best practices and lessons learned from evaluations that lead to informed decision-making and strategic adjustments and work closely with program leads and other key stakeholders to ensure that evaluation findings are clearly communicated, understood and integrated within operations.
  • Engage in proactive mentoring and coaching of junior officers, guiding their development along the organizational career trajectory within the monitoring and evaluation field.

Strengthen GCA’s learning, continuous improvement and knowledge management for strategic impact

  • Develop an Organizational Learning Agenda that incorporates GCA’s strategic goals, focusing on integrating continuous learning into program operations through regular analysis of key learning questions.
  • Develop and establish a centralized digital repository for learning materials, evaluation reports, and case studies, complemented by a dynamic learning dashboard to monitor real-time performance indicators and learning outcomes.
  • Facilitate discussions among program teams and other staff to identify and document key risks associated with the implementation of the Business Plans. Provide and implement corresponding mitigative actions to address these risks.

Provide inputs for donor proposals and other corporate priorities

  • Update the Business Plan for the implementation of the GCA Results Framework and the corresponding results reporting and monitoring system.
  • Facilitate discussions and document risks to the implementation of the Business Plan among Program Teams and other staff as appropriate. Provide corresponding mitigative actions.

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