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World Food Programme





  • Contribute to a WFP Hirshabelle Office in Beletweyne plan, including administrative processes, finance, Information Technology and Guest House Management activities or projects that are aligned to business needs, following standard processes, and ensuring alignment with wider WFP policies. aligned with country and wider WFP strategies and policies to facilitate efficient and effective services.
  • Interagency support: managing MOU, office, conference, dining, and accommodation. Arrangement for UNHAS movement.
  • Support the development of annual plans and implementation of policies, systems, and procedures to support WFP strategic objectives.
  • Collate data and prepare data analysis to provide management and clients with the accurate information and reports for efficient planning and decision-making. Report on key data for financial status and outcomes of projects in accordance with corporate governance requirements, ensuring accuracy, deadlines, and accounting processes are complied with.
  • Where necessary, undertake basic human resource functions related to staff benefits, and training.
  • Support management of existing resources in the area of responsibility (e.g., WFP managed facilities, assets, and travel management, etc.) and assist in identification of new requirements aiming at efficiency, cost-effectiveness and timeliness of operations and services.
  • Facilitate the compliance of the services provided (e.g., WFP managed facilities, assets, and travel management, etc.) with the corporate Occupational Safety and Health Policy. Where necessary, deliver core administrative services, working with contractors and following standard processes to provide cost-effective, quality, and timely services to WFP staff.
  • Support a culture of environmental sustainability throughout WFP by role modelling actions that drive sustainability in all administrative activities.
  • Guide and supervise junior staff, acting as a point of referral and supporting them with analysis and queries.
  • Maintain the partnership with WFP stakeholders, other UN agencies and local government offices.
  • Follow standard emergency preparedness practices to ensure WFP is able to quickly respond and deploy food and needed resources to affected areas at the onset of the crisis.


  • Leadership: Providing guidance and direction to the support services team, setting goals and expectations, and ensuring the successful execution of tasks and projects.
  • Staff management: Training, and managing support service staff, including conducting performance evaluations, and implementing professional development plans.
  • Resource allocation: Managing the allocation of resources, such as staff, equipment, vehicles, office space, WFP guest house and budget, to ensure efficient and effective support service operations.
  • Process and procedure development: Developing and implementing standardized processes and procedures for delivering support services, procurement, housekeeping, ensuring consistency and quality in customer or internal interactions.
  • Customer satisfaction: Monitoring customer satisfaction levels, analyzing feedback and data to identify areas for improvement, and implementing strategies to enhance the customer support experience. WFP staff, UN Agencies housed at WFP compound, WFP Guest house.
  • Collaboration: Collaborating with other departments or teams within the organization to address customer issues, streamline processes, and improve overall organizational performance.
  • Performance metrics: Tracking and analyzing performance metrics related to support services, such as response times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction scores, and using this data to drive continuous improvement.
  • Perform other related duties as required.


Leads by Example with Integrity:

  • Upholds WFP values, principles, and standards Demonstrates and encourages others to uphold the WFP values, principles and standards Respects others and values diversity Values diversity using respectful and inclusive language, and encourages others to do the same Stays focused and calm under pressure Stays focused and calm when under pressure and encourages others to do the same Demonstrates humility and a willingness to learn Shows humility and a willingness to learn and share knowledge, frequently seeking and acting on feedback, and taking up opportunities to develop.

Drives Results and Delivers on Commitments:

  • Delivers results for maximum impact Holds self and/or others accountable for the delivery of results Delegates appropriately Delivers results against delegated tasks and seeks guidance and support where needed Adapts readily to change Responds readily to change adjusting work as needed.
  • Fosters Inclusive and Collaborative: Is inclusive and collaborative Promotes inclusive teamwork and psychological safety by sharing ideas and openly raising issues Gives timely and constructive feedback Supports development for others by giving timely and constructive feedback Builds and shares new perspectives Listens attentively to others to capture, learn, build, and share new perspectives.

Applies Strategic Thinking Communicates and fulfils WFP’s vision:

  • Fulfils WFP’s vision and is able to explain how their objectives support the vision Embraces curiosity and new ways of doing things Demonstrates curiosity and proposes new ways of doing things when relevant Analyses and evaluates data Gathers data and shares knowledge to inform team decision making Considers the impact of decisions Implements decisions and asks questions to understand the impact for wider objectives.

Builds and Maintains Sustainable Partnerships:

  • Builds partnerships Builds partnerships by seeking out opportunities to work with Collaborates to deliver common objectives Collaborates with partners by sharing information and working together to deliver common goals.



  • Bachelors degree in Business/Public Administration, or other relevant field relating to office management and administration.


  • At least two or more years of relevant professional experience in leading administration & Finance functions within a humanitarian context.
  • Experience in the development of comprehensive plans aligning administrative processes, finance, IT, and guest house management with organizational goals.
  • Experience in working with financial and administrative software like SAP or any other.
  • Language: Fluency in oral and written communication in English and Somali.





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