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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development




Purpose of Job

Here at EBRD we want to know things that’ll enable us to make ‘people related’ decisions with the greatest degree of confidence, driven by data. We want actionable insights accessible to decision makers (both business stakeholders and members of HROD) to help solve business problems.

The role of the HR Analytics Analyst is to be a data domain expert and facilitate data informed decision making within EBRD’s HROD department. The role holder helps support decision makers by visualising data, analysing trends, applying statistics and finding insights using the Bank’s suite of business intelligence tools – Cognos, Tableau and Alteryx.

Accountabilities & Responsibilities

Deliver Improvements to the HR Reporting Capability

  • Responsible for understanding relevant Bank processes and ways of working, both internal and external to HR, and presenting appropriate reporting solutions.
  • Required to coordinate activities across different IT teams to deliver data from the source system into the data warehouse and onto HR reports.
  • Carry out user acceptance testing on behalf of HROD or business stakeholders when necessary.
  • Conduct design reviews with end users and consult data owners to iteratively improve reporting relevance and impact.

 Provide Business Stakeholders with Analysis and Insight 

  • From understanding of the data the HR Analytics Data Analyst will be expected to offer additional insights into trends for stakeholders.
  • Use statistical insights from employee data to make better people decisions
  • Use data and information to provide insights into people issues and guide improved, evidence-based decision-making and fix problems at the root cause.
  • Ask the right questions when interrogating data to support meaningful insights for the business, telling a relevant and compelling story.
  • Where gaps exist in the current HROD reporting platform, the HR Analytics Data Analyst will provide detailed accurate analysis for stakeholders.

Drive continuous improvement 

  • Proactively identify gaps in the current HROD reporting platform and highlight possible solutions.
  • Drive improvements in data quality by monitoring reporting of existing business processes mapped into the data warehouse. 
  • Support team members to improve their data analytics capability, understanding of appropriate use of data and storytelling.

 Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Qualifications


  • Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics, or related Science based subject, or equivalent experience.
  • Experience of working in a data and analytics environment.
  • Strong analytical orientation and data manipulation skills to be able to: (i) understand how data can be used to measure real world outcomes (ii) how data can be presented to allow informed decision making.
  • Someone who: (i) enjoys fully immersing themselves in data, business constraints, and problems they are interpreting (ii) asks questions to get at the deeper-level “why” because you prioritize relevance and meaning over the artefact.
  • Good stakeholder engagement skills, including effective questioning and active listening. Experience using results of analysis and communicating this in an effective way, using good
  • communication, storytelling and presentation skills.
  • Strong attention to detail to ensure accuracy
  • Demonstrate ability to prioritize, meet deadlines and follow through on completion of projects 
  • Demonstrate ability to build relationships and collaborate effectively within the HR analytics team and across teams


  • Previous experience of using Cognos, Tableau, Power BI or similar BI toolsets is a plus.
  • Previous experience of working with SAP HR.
  • Previous experience of working with Alteryx or similar data shaping tool.
  • Previous business experience and a commercial orientation.





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