Associate Faculty, Political Science (part-time)

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College of the Redwoods

Position description

This is a positing to gather a pool of qualified applicants for possible openings in face-to-face Political Science classes. 

A. Teaching and Nonteaching Assignments 
1. Demonstrates effective performance of duties and responsibilities of the assignment. Duties and responsibilities of the discipline or area of assignment are delineated in specific job descriptions and/or department procedure manuals. 
2. Shows currency and depth of knowledge in the discipline and/or area of assignment. 
3. Demonstrates patience, fairness, and promptness in the evaluation and discussion of student work. 
4. Shows sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of individual students and their special circumstances, when appropriate. 
5. Shows sensitivity to and knowledge of the diverse ways students learn and is responsive to individual needs. 
6. Uses effective written and oral communication skills with students and colleagues. 
7. Demonstrates effective organizational skills in the classroom and/or work site. 
8. Exercises effective judgment in following college policy. 
9. For faculty with teaching assignments, uses teaching methods and materials challenging to the student and appropriate to the subject matter, consistent with departmental curriculum, while encouraging within a department a variety of successful pedagogical approaches to learning. 
10. For faculty with nonteaching assignments, effectively fulfills responsibilities in terms of: 
a) communication and coordination with students, colleagues, and administrators; 
b) quality of work; and, if appropriate, 
c) program development, budget planning and implementation, program leadership, and collegial governance. 
11. Ensures currency and appropriateness of curriculum, course outlines, and written materials. 
12. Ensures that the following are incorporated into materials in the area of assignment: communication skills, computational skills, critical thinking, and cultural diversity. 
13. Adheres to state and federal regulations applicable to area of assignment. 

B. Responsibilities additional to Teaching/Nonteaching Assignment may include the following: 
1. Participates, where appropriate, in peer mentoring and evaluation processes and demonstrates objectivity in the professional evaluation of colleagues. 
2. Meets contractual obligations, including advising and maintaining regular office hours, when applicable to the position. 
3. Demonstrates responsibility in fulfilling division/department obligations and other district requirements. 
4. Participates in professional growth activities, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, publications, artistic exhibits, performances, research, or other activities appropriate to assignment. 
5. Provides leadership and demonstrates commitment to the profession through activities such as involvement in professional organizations, participation in collegial governance, college committees, campus activities, development of new curriculum, classroom research, or other appropriate activities. 
6. Works with colleagues to provide an educational program and environment that supports the success of each student, and otherwise implements the college philosophy and mission statement. 
7. Participates in program review and accreditation processes. 

C. Professional Conduct 
1. Promotes and defends intellectual inquiry and the exchange and analysis of ideas among colleagues and students; values the diversity of opinions.
2. Demonstrates respect for the college community and the profession.
3. Promotes a nonthreatening campus environment free from verbal and nonverbal discrimination and sexual harassment.
4. Supports gender equity and cultural diversity, and displays sensitivity to these issues.

Education and Experience

Master’s in political science, government, or international relations
Bachelor’s in any of the above AND Master’s in economics, history, public administration, social science, sociology, any ethnic studies, JD or LL.B. OR the equivalent.

Application instructions

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