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As an Associate Project Analyst, you will perform financial statement processing and financial analysis for credit reviews, and risk assessments of ADB’s nonsovereign loans (debt), investment (equity), and guarantees, including new proposals, quarterly and annual monitoring of existing counterparties, and other ad hoc requests for facility revisions. The work also includes risk ratings benchmarking and peer group analyses and support for the development of risk dashboards. Areas of investigation include credit, market, sector, reputational and any other risks associated with the proposed transactions. Emphasis of the work will be in financial institutions, but it is expected that the incumbent is fluent in the financial statement analysis of companies across a range of sectors.

Financial Spreading and Quantitative Analytics:

Deliver financial spreading of audited accounts into ADB’s spreading and credit rating tools, with accurate and timely turnaround times, and complemented by narrative on key observations from accounts, and where applicable, together with a OPSD-RAU officer, establish preliminary rating estimates for obligors;

Perform quality control of spreading by consultants:

  • Aggregate and maintain data in databases and dashboards for risk comparisons and for decision making support, and working with OPSD-RAU officers, participate in the development of such databases and dashboards;
  • Support the review financial models and the financial analysis and due diligence to understand key business drivers of the companies and use findings to design and build bespoke financial models;
  • Support benchmark analysis using relevant peers to validate the reasonableness of the assumptions and stress scenarios used in financial models; and
  • Perform other tasks, as may be required.

Risk Appraisal of New Transactions:

  • Support the review for key transaction risks, covering, inter alia, sponsor, commercial and structure risks in proposed and existing financing transactions;
  • Participate in drafting risk appraisals for nonsovereign loan, guarantee and equity transactions in both the concept review and final approval stages.

Transaction Monitoring:

  • Provides support to monitoring for nonsovereign loan, guarantee and equity transactions, and support the preparation of relevant risk appraisals or valuations;
  • Participates in the drafting of monitoring reports for portfolio transactions or for obligors in programs.


  • Participate in selected due diligence conference calls and missions;
  • Support ad hoc project duties and other forms of assignments, as required; and
  • Support to other divisions and units in PSOD as and when needed for special projects and tasks.


You will need:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, economics, or finance, preferably with Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), or MBA qualification
  • At least 5 years work experience preferably in major commercial banks, investment banks, rating agencies or similar financial institutions, or accounting firms.
  • Proven ability to undertake background research, analytical and evaluative work on difficult but well-defined tasks, collect and organize data and information, apply computer skills in analyzing and developing data, and prepare notes, papers and reports.
  • Good familiarity with risk rating tools, loan pricing instruments, and developments in the area of risk management. Knowledge of trade finance or microfinance is a plus.
  • Good computer skills with sound knowledge of common word-processing, spreadsheets, power point, graphics software used within ADB, financial modeling and macros. Strong command of database applications, Power BI, Visual Basic, or web design software are a strong plus.
  • Effective report-writing and communication skills in English.





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