Auditor in charge of external financial auditor for project “Health4AsylumsSeekers”

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Médecins du Monde - Belgique

Full description of the terms of reference in the PDF to download here


Médecins du Monde Belgique is an international medical development NGO and part of an international network. We provide medical assistance to vulnerable groups in Belgium and the rest of the world.

We aim for universal health coverage where every person has access to care, without barriers (financial, cultural, geographical, etc.). To achieve our mission, we rely on three pillars:

  • Care: giving people real access to care.
  • Change: we want to change things in the long term, not just help.
  • Witness: we do not remain silent. Thanks to our experience and our presence on the ground, we challenge the authorities (local, regional and (inter)national) with facts, figures and realities.

Our projects follow a set of values that are common to our entire organisation: Social Justice, Empowerment, Independence, Commitment, Balance.


Médecins du Monde ASBL, through its office in Croatia is has been implementing project “Health4AsylumsSeekers (CRO)” (01st August 2023-30 April 2024), an emergency project supported by Rapid Response Fund, State Secretariat for Migration, Swiss Confederation.

MdM-BE is looking for an auditor(s) to certify financial statement.


Subject of this engagement is final project final audit covering the entire project duration to be conducted before 31st of July 2024.

The objective of this engagement is for the Auditor to verify that the expenditure claimed by the Beneficiary (Médecins du Monde ASBL) is accurate and eligible and to submit to the Beneficiary a report of factual findings with regard to the agreed-upon procedures performed. Eligibility means that the funds provided by the grant have been spent in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Project Agreement.

The auditor’s role will be limited to reporting only factual findings that confirm whether:

  • All costs as well as all receipts declared in the Final Financial Report are justified by the relevant supporting documents;
  • All costs are incurred in the eligibility period in accordance with the Agreement.
  • Expenses incurred in a currency other than Euro have been converted in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement;
  • Medecins du Monde ASBL has complied with the rules for accounting and record keeping in accordance with the Agreement.

The objective is further to obtain reasonable assurance Financial Report is free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error, thereby enabling the Auditor to express an opinion on whether the financial report was prepared, in all material aspects, in accordance with accounting principles defined by the Law in the project countries.

The Auditor will be responsible for performing the agreed-upon procedures as specified in the Terms of Reference and for submitting an audit report of factual findings.

In order to carry out this mission, MdM-BE is looking for candidates with following qualifications and experience:

  • The company should have registered Certified Auditors in the audit team.
  • The person appointed as the Audit Manager should be a Certified Auditor (registered accounting expert) in Croatia with at least 10 years of audit experience.
  • The company should have at least one Certified Auditor (registered accounting expert) with EU/international recognized certification.
  • The certified auditors should demonstrate audit experience of donor funded projects and / or international organizations.

The financial information contained in the audit report of the auditor is to be expressed in CHF. The audit report of and all other documents resulting from the audit engagement must be in English.

MdM-BE would like to draw the bidder’s attention to the fact that :

  • The services will be performed at MdM office in Zagreb.


The submission package must include

  • A technical offer including the applicant’s updated CV* and a description of the methodological approach envisaged to answer the questions and objectives outlined above, as well as a detailed timetable.
  • A financial offer including a detailed financial proposal in EUR including in particular all envisaged costs.

*The bidder’s CVs should clearly and in detail (organization, type of services and period of services) indicate similar experiences.

The bidder’s attention is drawn to the fact that the total lump-sum price relates to one mission, it includes the fees and expenses inherent to the missions (travel and subsistence expenses).

The candidate’s offer, the documents attached to it and the documents exchanged are written in English.

By submitting its offer, the bidder accepts all the clauses of the Specifications and waives all other conditions. If the contracting authority finds, during the analysis of the bids, that the bidder has added conditions that make the bid imprecise, or if the bidder expresses reservations about the conditions of the Specifications, the contracting authority reserves the right to consider the bid substantially irregular.

How to apply


Offers must reach the contact person by e-mail by 27/06/2024 at 24.00 hrs at the latest.

Applications must be sent by email to the following address:

[email protected].

For any information concerning this call for tender, you can contact :

In case of withdrawal, or if you do not wish to respond to this invitation to tender, please inform us by email. Once the award decision has been made, the bidders will be informed in writing.

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