Call for quotations: Qualitative study on “Concept and practice of Ubuntu school leadership”

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Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance

School leadership is widely recognised as essential for enhancing student learning outcomes and fostering a conducive learning environment within schools. However, the effectiveness of leadership hinges on various contextual factors, including resource availability. Schools with ample resources face complex management challenges requiring a diverse skill set, while those with limited resources compel leaders to employ creativity within constraints. This highlights the importance of strong leadership in maximizing the impact of available resources on student learning.

Studies have shown that Ubuntu leadership introduces a distinctive approach, aligning with the shift towards shared leadership models to achieve expected learning outcomes in Africa. This shift signifies a move away from solitary leadership figures towards collaborative efforts among multiple stakeholders within and outside the education system. This approach emphasizes unique competencies such as resource assessment, attending to others’ needs, and fostering commitment to organizational goals. Despite this potential, evidence shows that the concept of Ubuntu as a framework for school leadership is understudied in contrast to other models.

To address this gap, VVOB; through the African Centre of School Leadership (ACSL) is seeking a consultant to conduct a qualitative study to further develop the concept of Ubuntu school leadership in Rwanda. Specifically, the research aims to uncover the unique elements of Ubuntu leadership within the Rwandan educational landscape, considering its cultural, social, and institutional nuances. By comparing and contrasting these findings with experiences from other countries, the study aims to provide insights into the universality or specificity of Ubuntu leadership principles across diverse contexts.

Overall, the study aims to address the following question:

“What are the key dimensions and characteristics of Ubuntu school leadership as perceived by stakeholders in Rwanda, and how do these align with or differ from existing understandings of Ubuntu leadership in other contexts such as Ghana, Kenya, and Zambia?”

Download the call for quotations: on Concept and practice of Ubuntu school leadership

Further details of the study are:

  • Description: Qualitative study on “Concept and practice of Ubuntu school leadership”
  • Period: June 2024 – September 2024
  • Location: Rwanda
  • Budget range: 25,000 – 28,000 USD incl. VAT and WHT*

Individuals, teams, consortia, agencies, and higher education institutions are encouraged to apply for this partnership. Interested service providers are encouraged to inform VVOB of their intention to submit a proposal by contacting [email protected].

All questions related to the call for quotations should be sent by email only, before 15, May 2024. All answers will be sent by 20, May 2024 to anyone who has expressed interest.

Deadline for submissions: Not later than 22nd May 2024 at 5 pm CEST by email to [email protected].

How to apply

Full proposals should be submitted no later than May 22, 2024, 5 PM CEST with email subject: Reference VVOB–RW–2024–02. All proposals should be submitted to [email protected].

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