[CALL FOR TENDERS] Design and Facilitation of Online NEAT+ Training of Trainers (ToT)

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Academy of the Ruhr-University Bochum

The Nexus Environmental Assessment Tool (NEAT+) is a rapid and simple project-level environmental screening tool for humanitarian operations and has been specifically to quickly identify issues of environmental concern to make emergency and recovery interventions more sustainable. The rural NEAT+ is an excel-based tool that can be used with or without KOBO Toolbox by staffs without elaborated expertise in environmental issues. Urban NEAT+ also does not’ require deep environmental knowledge and is a user-friendly web application.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. (ADH), a coalition of more than 20 renowned German humanitarian organizations, is one of the founding members of the academy for humanitarian action (aha) regularly organizes humanitarian training events at aha platform to strengthen the capacities of humanitarian organizations and their staff. For this purpose, the academy for humanitarian action, represented by the Academy of the Ruhr-University Bochum, would like to commission external service providers for design and facilitation of an online NEAT+ Training of Trainers (ToT).

We invite you to bid with a written proposal on the services described below by email by July 8th, 2024, at 12:00 noon (CET).


Using NEAT+ helps to develop proposals with a better understanding of environmental risks, furthermore it supports efficiently the development of environmental risks mitigation measures. The widespread utilisation of NEAT+ can therefore contribute majorly to increase climate sensitivity and environmental risk in humanitarian response without the undertaking of lengthy and resource intensive environmental impact assessments.


The main objective of this assignment is to train selected staff to apply NEAT+ confidently and being able to organize and provide NEAT+ basic trainings in applying NEAT+ to staff and partners in their context. After the training, the new Trainers should be enabled to support local teams by incorporating results / outcomes of the NEAT+ screening into the project plan.

Location, Time and Languages

Two to three day online training, equivalent to 24 teaching hours (max 4 hours a day with frequent breaks), preferably in English, French and/or Spanish languages, to be conducted as soon as possible (tbd, depending on the availability of trainers and organizers).

Target Group

Staff of humanitarian non-governmental organizations dealing with management and/or implementation of humanitarian projects / programs, both at headquarter as well as regional offices. Max. 20 participants per training.

Brief Description of Content

The training should comprise the following content (format adjustable):

  1. How to Apply NEAT+
    – Introduction to NEAT+: the structure of the tool, the purpose it was developed for, areas of application, examples, and practical in-depth guidance through the tool
    – Reflection on limitations and boundaries of the tool, develop a basic understanding the assumptions and algorithms that the tool is based on
    – Practical exercises in applying NEAT+ (example cases from the trainee’s contexts)
  2. How to use the results of NEAT +
    – Presentation and discussion of the example cases
    – Reflection on results and their applicability in the real context
    – Guidance on how to use the results of NEAT+ assessments considering its limitations
    – Development of a brief project proposal based on the results of the NEAT+ Assessment
  3. How to teach NEAT+ to others
    – Basic knowledge about adult learning processes
    – Learn how to organize and facilitate a training, how to present knowledge and content, how to reflect and evaluate the training

Service to be provided

The following services are to be provided under the scope of this call:

  • Development of the content and interactive format of the training of trainers in close consultation with ADH
  • Professional and independent conduct and facilitation of the online training on the agreed dates (technical support may be provided)
  • Evaluation of the training in a follow-up conversation with ADH and brief report of the training conduct

The trainings are to be conducted preferably in English, French, and Spanish, interactive with exercises and homework. The participants should be limited to 20 participants.
The task ideally requires two experts, with the following qualifications:

  • Language: English, French, and/or Spanish
  • Profound knowledge and field experience in the application of NEAT+, preferably in humanitarian and/or development fields
  • Proven practical experience in environmental screening and assessments
  • Experience with KOBO Toolbox
  • Educational Background and experience in Environmental Engineering or Science
  • Excellent trainer and facilitator skills and longstanding experience in digital facilitation in particular

How to apply

Further information on submitting proposals

Please send your recent CV, written and signed tender documents showing required qualifications and work experience, as well as brief concept note (1-2 pages) on potential contents and methods and estimated costs to deliver the service (without VAT).

Please note that the training will be VAT exempted under §4 Nr. 21 UStG under German law.

All documents should be sent as PDF-documents by e-mail to trainings[at]aktion-deutschland-hilft.de until July 8th, 2024, at 12:00 noon (CET).

For questions on the call for proposals, kindly consult Dr. Neysa Setiadi (setiadi[at]aktion-deutschland-hilft.de).

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