Cash-Based Interventions Consultant

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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees




Cash grants are delivered primarily through bearer cheques and prepaid/gift cards while bank transfers are for minority beneficiaries that are allowed to open bank account (Sri Lankan refugees). The UNHCR office will continue its advocacy for greater inclusion of refugees, especially for access to officially recognized documentation and basic financial services while strengthening its systems in place,  through the roll out of scorecard system, use of payment platform (Cash Assist) and the use of biometrics for identity management.

Overall Purpose and Scope of Assignment

The scope and focus of the work of the Consultant will reflect the operation’s priorities to refine its strategic use of CBI to improve the efficiency and compliance, given the challenging protection space in India.

Key Activities Include:

  • Review UNHCR’s vulnerability criteria and Cash-based interventions (CBI) assessment system with partners, in consultation/ coordination with the UNHCR’s Regional Bureau. The assessment will include review data and information systems.
  • Review process and tools to collect & treat data and propose new approach using Kobo/other solutions.
  • Provide technical support to implement scorecard and targeting system to all partners using new tools.
  • Develop countrywide standard CBI SOPs to include Data, targeting (scorecard), identity management, Cash Assist and link to targeting system for use by all partners. The use of Cash Assist will be reviewed with the support the RB/HQ focal points and So Ps template comes from UNHCR.
  • Rollout and train UNHCR partners on the above.
  • Monitor implementation for scorecard and targeting system.
  • Develop systems to monitor impact and implementation of CBI.
  • Undertake feasibility analysis on expanding CBI target the most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Develop MEB template and undertake survey in 13 locations (in consideration of social protection and benefits in the country for vulnerable groups) and recommend on transfer value.
  • Support operation in identification of Financial Service Provider (FSP) (for contingency measures).

Implementation Arrangements

The consultant will not have any supervisory responsibilities and will report to the Snr Programme Officer. The consultant will develop an implementation matrix with clear timelines and outcomes in consultation with UNHCR. The consultant is also expected to be based in New Delhi. Work from home modality is permissible but the consultant is expected to hold in persons assessments, trainings and attend meetings.

Qualification and experience required:

  • Master’s/University degree or equivalent related to the topic.
  • At least 2 years of previous experience in developing or managing and implementing differentiated Cash-based programming.
  • Experience in project management in humanitarian or development sector.
  • Experience in providing coaching, guidance or advice to staff.
  • Demonstrated analytical and drafting skills in English




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