Chief Empowerment Officer Application

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TATU Project

Chief Empowerment Officer Application 2

Position description

TATU Project is a non-profit organization that facilitates an equal and sustainable development for the rural community of Msitu Wa Tembo (MWT) and Londoto in Northern Tanzania. We address community needs and build effective solutions through active collaboration with members of Msitu wa Tembo and Londoto and relevant stakeholders.

The organization is working very closely with a rural community to implement sustainable development initiatives.  Programs such as women’s empowerment, health improvements, and water initiatives have already been set up, in partnership with village members and other organizations. 

Job Description

We are now looking for a highly motivated, dynamic and experienced individual to take a leadership role in the overall management of the organization. The idea is to continue leading the organization towards a deeper relationship with external collaborators, constant growing engagement, and continue developing projects respecting a highly sustainable framework. Main tasks will include acting as the figurative head of the organization. Lead the development of the organization’s long- and short-term strategies. Evaluate and track the organization’s success in reaching its goals. Manage overall operations and make major decisions affecting the organization in collaboration with the board of directors. Manage the organization’s resources: ensure our human resources are happy and able to work efficiently and collaboratively, and that our HR policy is respected by all. It is also important for the CEO to have a good overview of our finances in order to manage budget and spendings, and stay on top of our financial capacity. The CEO should be able to support the EO on accounting concerns and ensure that everything is accounted for. Communicate with the board of directors. Identify and address organization wide problems. Develop and uphold the organization culture and mission/vision. Of course as an organization leader, it will be important to focus as well on internal aspects, to make sure the team is happily growing, performing and that our processes are efficient. It’s a big job for a motivated leader to creatively continue shaping our organization. 

The CEO will be working hand in hand with the Empowerment Officer (EO) on management duties. The distribution of duties will be open between the two to ensure efficiency in the work. 


Organisation Management

The CEO oversees all operations within the organization. They will ensure that all community development initiatives and programs align with the organization’s values and strategy. This can involve reviewing reports, field visits and attending weekly meetings, if relevant. The organization currently participates in programs involving women’s empowerment, water, health and environment. Additionally the CEO will also oversee all operational teams such as accounting and finance, research and development and communication and fundraising. Supervision involves ensuring there are clear objectives for the department and for the staff, making sure procedures are clear and respected, deadlines are met and that the NGO is moving forward as a whole. Ensuring that we are on track with our fundraising, monitoring our spending and that our work is justified and recorded accordingly.

Supervision also requires ensuring that the organisational culture and values are always infusing our projects, actions, words, and maintaining our organisational rituals that bring the team together. 

Partnership and Stakeholders 

The CEO will communicate and liaise with all external stakeholders and represent TATU Project in partnership conversations, events and other networking opportunities. In terms of Partners Management, they will be responsible for ensuring that communication is fluid, expectations are clear, reports are done on time, if applicable, and that any field visit is well organized. 

It is also important to be exploring new opportunities and partnership for the growth of the projects and the organization. Additionally they will be responsible for relations with the community members and leaders and any other relevant stakeholders in the community, as well as ensuring that they are informed and involved regularly in the NGO’s progress and future projects.

Staff Management

The CEO should be responsible for the development and management of the internal team. Ensuring that morale and team spirit is high whilst utilizing the teams capacity through training, meetings and evaluations. The person will identify gaps and seek methods of resolving HR needs.

The CEO will be on the lookout for training opportunities for the team and for project participants and ensure that equal opportunities are offered to the team. 

Regular check-ins with the team and visiting projects on a monthly basis is essential to stay connected to our work and our team’s capacity  and to ensure that our collaboration with the community is going well. 

Strategic Planning

The CEO will work closely with the Board of Directors  in short-term and long-term strategic planning. They must develop a deep understanding of the goals and missions and guide the organization in the right direction, using this holistic view they will be responsible for reviewing, designing and developing necessary programs. Some of the projects of the organization are at exit phase therefore the CEO will work closely with the project managers in thinking for and  designing a practical strategy for project sustainability.

The CEO is a key partner to the fundraising department and the adventures department, to make strategic connections and ensure that we are constantly staying on track with fundraising objectives and looking for opportunities.  The fundraising strategy is therefore also essential and to be monitored  and analysed closely to always reach better results. . 

The CEO will also ensure communication with the Board of Directors is fluid and regular. Usually, monthly calls are made to align on priorities and share any important updates. 


It is essential for you to have:

  • An undergrad degree in either International Development, International Relations, Community Development or a relevant degree 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Management experience in a non-profit setting
  • Proven time management and organizational skills
  • Innovative and analytical thinker, with an ability to find solutions to complex problems whilst incorporating the values of the organization
  • Prioritization and delegation skills
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Good computer skills MS office applications
  • A proficient level of English skills, writing and oral
  • Passion and values that align with TATU Project

It is desirable for you to have:

  • Experience working/volunteering and living overseas
  • At Least 3 years experience in NGO leadership or management role. 
  • Financial and Fundraising skills
  • A good of grasp of accounting and finance concepts
  • Strategic planning and M&E experience
  • Good social skills in order to be in contact with partners and to work with the team
  • Fluent in Swahili is a plus


  • The minimum time commitment is 2 years, preferably more. 
  • Accommodation in the NGO shared house for no cost
  • All work related costs, such as transport to the community & communications will be covered by the NGO
  • VISA will be covered by the NGO
  • The role is available immediately

Application instructions

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