Consultancy: Design and Development of Child-Friendly Materials

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ECPAT International

Request for Proposals

Consultancy: Design and Development of Child-Friendly Materials

May-July 2024


ECPAT International is a global network of civil society organisations working together for the elimination of the sexual exploitation of children (SEC) in all its manifestations. This includes in the context of exploitation of children in prostitution, child sexual exploitation in digital environments, the sale and trafficking of children for sexual purposes, and the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism. The ECPAT Network currently consists of 125 members working as independent organisations or coalitions in 104 countries.

The ECPAT International Secretariat (EIS) coordinates the global work of the network and is based in Bangkok, Thailand. The Secretariat designs and implements global and regional initiatives and undertakes programming, campaigning, advocacy and research to facilitate network initiatives.


This consultancy focuses on transforming existing materials into documents that are accessible and engaging for children, followed by the creation of infographics and short videos based of these documents.

This initial, short-term consultancy focuses on the below set of deliverables, with an opportunity to continue in a long term agreement for future specific assignment based requests in updating and/or producing additional child-friendly materials and digital assets to keep pace with evolving educational needs of ECPAT International.

Objectives of the assignment

  • Translate existing organisational materials into child-friendly document versions.
  • Design infographics and short videos based on the above materials.
  • Provide ongoing updates and creation of child-friendly documents and digital assets.


  • Translation and Simplification:

    • Create child-friendly versions of materials on the sexual exploitation of children, ECPAT’s role and activities, and our Child Participation Strategy and Safeguarding Policy.
    • Ensure content is age-appropriate (12 to 17 years), inclusive, and accessible.
  • Design and Digital Asset Production:

    • Establish a visual identity for child-friendly resources, including colour schemes, typography, and illustrations.
    • Develop templates for infographics, videos, and social media content.
    • Produce digital assets, including briefs, infographics, short videos, and potentially additional interactive content.

Consultant profile

The consultant should have:

  • Proven experience in developing educational and child-friendly materials.
  • Expertise in graphic design, video production and illustration for children.
  • Knowledge of child and human rights, with a commitment to ethical standards.
  • Strong organisational skills, with an ability to manage deadlines and maintain attention to detail.


The consultancy is to commence in May 2024, with an expected completion within 3 months. Specific milestones and deadlines will be established in mutual agreement. Upon assessment of each product by the consultant, an estimate of working hours for each product will be provided. The budget for this initial assignment is approx. USD 5,000. Final package of products under this consultancy may be amended based on the estimated working hours.

This is a home-based position using their own equipment. The consultant(s) should be available for online calls including with different time zones in particular with Thailand where ECPAT International Secretariat is based.


As ECPAT’s International Secretariat we recognise that our strength lies in the diversity of the people who make up our global network, staff, volunteers and consultants. We are committed to being an inclusive workplace where people of all backgrounds and cultures can strive and be themselves. This means we will challenge ourselves to do better and to continue learning, to create and maintain a working environment steeped in respect, tolerance, safety, and where all parties are valued equally.

As a child-focused organisation ECPAT is committed to keeping children safe and have created a strong commitment to safeguarding and introduced rigorous policy and procedures. Selected candidates will be required to sign and adhere to our Safeguarding Policy and sign the Codes of Conduct.

How to apply

Your expression of interest should include:

  • Cover letter and CV demonstrating relevant experience and qualifications.
  • Confirmation of availability and proposed consultancy hourly rate (in USD).
  • Examples of previous child-friendly materials produced.

Proposals can be sent to [email protected]. Please mention Your name and “child friendly material” in the subject header

Deadline – submit your proposal no later than 12 May 2024

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