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Arid Lands Development Focus Kenya

1. Background:

The Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASAL) Humanitarian Network (AHN) is an advocacy platform of local NGOs operating in ASAL regions in Kenya. The network aims to amplify voices, promote locally led action, advocate for an effective aid system in Kenya that cushions vulnerable communities and promotes the development of drylands challenging environments.

AHN has previously developed it’s strategic plan but included thematic focus which are operational in nature’s and has not brought out the added value of the network vs the members work. Therefore, to guide its strategic planning, policy and advocacy work, the network seeks to develop a comprehensive Pathways Framework and Theory of Change (ToC).

2. Objective:

The main objective of this consultancy is to develop a Pathways framework and Theory of Change for the ASAL Humanitarian Network. This will provide a clear roadmap for achieving the network’s goals and outcomes, as well as identify key strategies to address humanitarian needs in the ASAL regions.

3. Scope of Work:

The consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Conduct a thorough review of existing literature, documents, and strategies related to humanitarian interventions in ASAL regions and Kenya as whole.
  • Facilitate consultations and or workshops with key stakeholders, including network members, government representatives, community leaders, INGOs and Donor representatives as stakeholders and beneficiaries, to gather input and insights.
  • Develop a Theory of Change that outlines the causal pathways between inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts of the ASAL Humanitarian Network’s interventions.
  • Identify key assumptions, risks, and external factors that may influence the achievement of desired outcomes.
  • Map out potential pathways and strategies for achieving the identified outcomes, considering the unique challenges and opportunities in ASAL regions.
  • Present draft versions of the Theory of Change and pathways framework for feedback and validation from AHN board, AGM and like-minded INGOs leaders.
  • Finalize the Theory of Change and pathways framework based on feedback received, ensuring clarity, coherence, and alignment with the network’s vision and objectives.

4. Deliverables:

The consultant will deliver the following outputs:

  • Inception report outlining the proposed methodology and work plan (Outlining the evaluation methodology, literature review, data collection approach and tools and work plan 5-page summary version).
  • Draft Theory of Change and pathways framework for review and feedback.
  • Final Theory of Change and pathways framework, including a comprehensive report documenting the process, findings, and recommendations.

5. Duration and Timeline:

The consultancy is expected to be completed within 30 days, starting from 10th May 2024. The consultant should provide a detailed timeline in the inception report, including milestones and deliverable due dates.

6. Qualifications:

The consultant should possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • Demonstrated expertise in developing Theories of Change and pathways frameworks for humanitarian or development projects.
  • Familiarity with the humanitarian context, particularly in ASAL regions or similar environments.
  • Strong facilitation and communication skills, including the ability to engage with diverse stakeholders and facilitate participatory processes.
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills, with the ability to synthesize complex information and present it in a clear and concise manner.
  • Previous experience working with humanitarian networks or consortia is desirable.

7. Budget:

Interested consultants should provide a detailed budget proposal, including consultancy fees, travel and accommodation costs (if applicable), subsistence and other expenses, any workshops or communication products that need to be delivered and any other relevant expenses.

The budget should will be structured according to the following:

  • Milestone payments will be released in tranches against the high quality and timely delivery of specific key deliverables (i.e., work plan, validation workshop, draft report and final report).
  • The proposals will be assessed according to technical and financial criteria. Consultants are encouraged to submit realistic, but competitive financial proposals.
  • The budget is inclusive of all

8. Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

– Technical expertise and experience (40%)

– Methodology and work plan (30%)

– Budget realism and cost-effectiveness (20%)

– Quality of previous work samples (10%)

9. Confidentiality:

All information provided to the consultant during the course of the consultancy should be treated as confidential and used solely for the purpose of completing the assignment.

10. Tax and VAT arrangements

AHN will deduct withholding tax from the consultancy fees which will be in conformity with the prevailing government rates and submit the same to the Government of Kenya. The consultant will be entitled to a copy of the tax submission certificate on request.

11. Approval and Contracting:

The selected consultant will be notified and required to sign a contract outlining the terms and conditions of the consultancy before commencement of work.

How to apply

AHN invites submissions from interested consultants or consulting firms who meet the criteria to submit expressions of interest that clearly articulate the consultant(s)’ experience in the nature of the task to be delivered. Additionally, understanding the terms of reference, methodology for executing the work including key deliverables, and a tentative budget with appropriate cultural and contextual understanding should submit to [email protected] by 5th May 2024. Late submissions will not be considered.

Applicants must submit four items as outlined in the below.


  1. Cover letter addressing criteria; Maximum 2 pages; Quality of relevant experience
  2. Resumes of the Team members; Maximum of 3 pages (each); Quality of relevant experience
  3. Proposed Methodology; Maximum of 4 pages; Quality in terms of the technical methodology and approach
  4. Indicative budget; Maximum of 1 page; Budget represents value for money

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