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The CGIAR Research Initiative on Aquatic Foods seeks a consultant or a consultancy firm to develop a comprehensive solution for identifying optimal freshwater and coastal aquaculture sites and enhancing their connectivity to urban markets in target countries. The focus will be on economic and environmental viability, logistical efficiency, and sustainable integration into local ecosystems to generate key information that can guide policy development, investments, and decision-making at different levels.

This project aims to leverage Earth Observation technologies to monitor large areas and identify the best-suited locations for coastal aquaculture farms from an environmental and logistical perspective. The proposal intends to showcase the capabilities of Earth Observation in aquaculture through two demonstration sites selected in different geographical areas.


  • Integrate environmental, socio-economic, and logistical factors to evaluate the viability of two strategically chosen demonstration sites in Kenya and Bangladesh.
  • Conduct robust data analytics to develop a comprehensive decision-making framework that balances ecological sustainability with market needs.
  • Generate actionable insights that support sustainable aquaculture practices, contributing to food security and economic development in the targeted regions.
  • The consultancy will play a crucial role in demonstrating the potential of Earth Observation technologies in aquaculture, ultimately supporting sustainable practices and improving market connectivity in the identified countries.
  • The consultancy aims to deploy advanced satellite and remote sensing technologies to assess and map potential aquaculture sites. The approach will integrate environmental, socioeconomic, and logistical factors to ensure the viability of each site. Additionally, data analytics will be utilized to provide a robust framework for decision-making, balancing ecological sustainability with market demands.

We expect the consultant will work around the following elements:

Aquaculture Site Suitability Analysis:

  • Satellite and Remote Sensing Technologies: Utilize advanced satellite and remote sensing technologies to map potential freshwater and coastal aquaculture sites. Assess critical factors such as pond size, water quality, and topographical constraints.
  • Growth Potential Determination: Evaluate the growth potential for various aquaculture species suited to each region, including freshwater species, brackish, and marine cultivars like shellfish and seaweed, based on local environmental conditions and WorldFish data.

Socioeconomic Impact Evaluation:

  • Socioeconomic Analysis: Conduct an analysis of the socioeconomic impacts for each potential site, evaluating how aquaculture development could benefit local employment and contribute economically to the surrounding communities.

Environmental Footprint Analysis:

  • Ecological Footprint Estimation: Estimate the ecological footprint of potential aquaculture operations, focusing on factors such as energy consumption, feed efficiency, and waste management to ensure operations are environmentally sustainable.

Connectivity and Logistics Assessment:

  • Infrastructure Connectivity Assessment: Assess the infrastructure connectivity of each site to major urban and market centres, including the evaluation of road networks and cold chain logistics vital for maintaining the quality of perishable aquaculture products.

Expected Output:

  • Mapping Tool Development: The expected output is a comprehensive mapping tool synthesizing data from suitability analyses, socioeconomic impacts, and logistical assessments. This tool will provide clear, actionable insights for selecting sites that optimize operational efficiency, market access, and environmental sustainability.


  • The agency will report the progress of the assignment to WorldFish on Monthly basis.

Skills, Experience and Knowledge:

  • Advanced Remote Sensing and Satellite Technologies: Demonstrated ability to deploy and utilize state-of-the-art remote sensing and satellite technologies, including multispectral and radar imagery, for detailed mapping and assessment of aquaculture environments.





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