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Your Role

The position of Country Operations Head will assist the BHRM CD and RCIH, who is responsible for Maldives operation, in the sound management of operations in the assigned resident missions. The incumbent will coordinate country programming, business planning, quality assurance, and portfolio monitoring and organize the provision of operations services to project teams.

You will

Country portfolio management and programming

  • Lead the country portfolio performance reviews. Responsible for management, monitoring and reporting on sovereign and non-sovereign operations (programming, pipeline and portfolio management) at country level to achieve country Key Performance Indicators. Provide high-level guidance on operational issues and compliance with ADB policies. Actively take part in operations and portfolio networks, facilitated by Regional Operations Coordination and Procurement, Portfolio, and Financial Management Department.
  • Guide project teams on country-specific project and portfolio management issues and lead portfolio, programming and pipeline related missions and activities with government. Oversee project related communication and coordination with government and stakeholders.
  • Consult with clients to swiftly resolve country-wide issues, and coordinate the resolution of project-specific issues, in collaboration with the solutions departments/offices for Bhutan ongoing projects. For Maldives ongoing projects and their day-to-day administration, SAOC project management specialist will closely support.
  • Support BHRM CD and RCIH in assuring that project/TA implementation arrangements are designed to meet country context. Guide sectors in the design and processing of projects to ensure that they are effectively delivered to advance ADB’s regional and country priorities, meet country needs, and fit the local context. For Maldives TAs, SAOC project management specialist will closely support.
  • Support the country programming including the allocation of operational resources in the country in collaboration with sector groups, Private Sector Operations Department (PSOD)/ Office of Markets Development and Public–Private Partnership (OMDP) and the regional operations coordination office. Work closely with country management team members to create a portfolio of cross-cutting and innovative projects that meet client needs and advance ADB’s priorities, e.g. climate change and Private Sector Development.
  • Maintain pipelines and oversee progress of lending and non-lending by monitoring, supporting, and facilitating the work of solutions departments for the timely delivery of the country program. Liaise with development partners on co-financing opportunities. Provide inputs into Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Maldives and CPS reviews for Bhutan and Maldives from a programming, pipeline and portfolio management perspective.
  • Advise BHRM CD and RCIH and backstop the quality of project-level documentation, concurrences and decisions for sovereign operations and technical assistance, as determined by Staff Instructions and Project Administration Instructions. Liaise closely with Regional Operations Coordination Head on all matters of quality assurance.

Work planning

  • Support CD, RCIH and the Bhutan and Maldives country management teams in preparation of the work plans and alignment with regional department KPIs.
  • Serve as head of the secretariat to both country management teams, supporting the CD and RCIH to set standard operating procedures for their effective functioning.
  • Organize and advise on the provision of certain operations services (e.g., safeguards, procurement, financial management) and thematic services (e.g., climate change, gender), to ensure adequate support to project teams delivering operations in the country.

Capacity development

  • Organize and provide operational capacity development to staff and external clients on sovereign operations management.
  • Manage the performance of teams and individuals providing clear direction and regular monitoring and feedback on performance.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to teams and individuals and ensures their on-going learning and development.
  • Undertake other activities as designated by CD and RCIH, and Regional Operations Coordination Head. Coordinate with Head Regional Operations Coordination and Head Regional Cooperation and Integration, Lead Economist and Head, Private Sector Development.


You will need:

  • Master’s Degree, in engineering, finance, economics, business administration or related fields. University degree in engineering, finance, economics, business administration and related fields and at least 5 years specialized experience relevant to the position can be considered
  • At least10 years relevant professional experience in managing projects, portfolios (country or sector) and pipelines for development institutions. International experience working in development in several countries.
  • Experience in building capacity of staff in projects or processing of loans/technical assistance. Proven management and leadership qualities.
  • Technical experience in one or more key sectors of ADB operations preferred
  • Demonstrated cultural sensitivities and maturity.





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