Custodian in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

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Dartmouth Public Schools

SUMMARY: Keeps the district\’s school buildings in such a state of
operating excellence that they present no problems or interruptions to
the educational program. QUALIFICATIONS: ? H.S. Diploma or
equivalent/degree preferred. ? Minimum custodial work experience
preferred. ? Demonstrated ability in areas of cleaning facilities and
grounds. ? Ability to work cooperatively and safely in a school
environment with all the staff and students in our system. ESSENTIAL
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (Other duties may be assigned) ? Cleans and
preserves designated spaces, equipment, etc., in the building. ?
Restocks disposable items and provides head custodian with inventory
usage and data. ? Assists visiting public utilizing the facilities with
directions within building and in obtaining and setting up needed
equipment. ? Performs building and grounds facility checks in the
building each school day. ? Unlock building, disarm building alarm. ?
Perform boiler check, boiler oil level check. ? Trash removal and
disposal. ? Clean and sanitizes mens? room, ladies\’ room and teacher
work areas. ? Re-stocks paper supplies. ? Vacuums rugs daily and wash
rugs periodically. ? Wash windows. ? Sweep and dry mop floors. ? Store
deliveries in designated areas. ? Dust furniture, fixtures and walls. ?
Set up for meetings, assemblies etc. ? Outside: sweeping, litter pick-up
and lawn cutting and leave raking. ? Clean inventory storage areas. ?
Wax, strip and buff floors. ? Stock and replenish all paper goods and
cleaning supplies. ? Dust baseboards and door frames. ? Dust and vacuum
univentilators, vacuum interior intake and exhaust grills. ? Vacuum and
replace air conditioning and univentilator filters. ? Set up cafeteria
areas. 2 ? Dry and wet mop cafeterias, kitchen floors, gymnasiums, and
locker rooms. ? Shovel snow and sand the walk areas during inclement
weather. ? Deliver supplies to classrooms and offices. ? Clean and dust
security sensors throughout the building. ? Water fountains cleaned and
flushed (3 minutes each) daily. ? Sweeping of exterior walks and steps.
? Morning and evening walk-through of building. ? Sanitize nurse\’s area
daily. ? Check in deliveries and verify with shipping invoices. ? Roof
and roof drain cleaning on a monthly basis. ? Replace light bulbs and
clean light fixtures. ? Set up after school activities. ? Provides
building Principal or his/her designee with building work order
requests. ? Dust mop and/or wet mop auditorium, cafeterias, and
cafetorium playrooms on a daily basis. ? Security of school grounds,
locking/unlocking entrances of parking areas. ? Wash whiteboards,
chalkboards and clean chalk trays. ? Generate budget requests for all
custodial cleaning supplies and equipment. ? Performs minor building
repairs. ? Daily removal of interior graffiti. ? Lock doors, secure and
check the building at the end of each day. ? Additional responsibilities
as directed by the building Principal or his/her designee. HOURS: Monday
through Friday – 11:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. (school year) Monday through
Friday – 6:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. (summer & school vacation)

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