Data Visualization Support for Disaster Response Preparedness to OCHA Kyrgyzstan

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Mission and objectives

UNOCHA KGZ organization mission TBD


The objective of the task is to collaborate with an online volunteer who specializes in data visualization, in order to assist the OCHA team with analyzing data collected from the “Disaster Response Preparedness Self-Assessment Questionnaire” for two countries in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Background: – The questionnaire is designed to assess country’s internal readiness for disaster response.
– It covers various aspects of disaster management, including hazard identification, vulnerability assessment, contingency planning, capacity inventory, logistics, partnerships, coordinating arrangements, and HR/training.
– The selected volunteer will have the opportunity to deepen their expertise in data visualization while providing hands-on support to the OCHA team. By working with data from the “Disaster Response Preparedness Self-Assessment Questionnaire” for Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, the volunteer will be directly involved in crucial stages of data handling, including cleaning, analysis, and the creation of visual data representations. This experience will allow the volunteer to gain valuable insights into disaster management preparedness and contribute meaningfully to enhancing country’s readiness for various disaster scenarios.
– We expect the selected online volunteer to start with this task in June 2024 for a period of one month.

Task description

1. Data Analysis and Visualization:
– Assist in the process of data cleaning to ensure accuracy and reliability.
– Assist in analyzing questionnaire responses to identify key trends and insights.
– Assist in creating visual representations, such as graphs, charts, and maps, that effectively communicate the findings from the 67-question, 9-section “Disaster Response Preparedness Self-Assessment Questionnaire,” which includes a general first part and around six conditional questions.
The volunteer should possess proficiency in using tools like PowerBI or similar software capable of producing visually engaging and informative dashboards or reports. The goal is to make the data not only accessible but also engaging for diverse audiences, thereby encapsulating the complexity and breadth of the questionnaire’s content.
2. Report Preparation:
– Assist in the creation of the up to 40-pages long report by developing its visual components and formatting the narrative content to ensure clear and effective communication of disaster management readiness aspects.
3. Collaboration and Presentation:
– Assist in the preparation of up to 20 slides of presentation materials for the Steering Group, facilitating the review and discussion of the findings.

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