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Contract Type and Duration: 1 year renewable (depending on performance and donor funding


Interpeace is an international organization for peacebuilding that supports locally led peacebuilding initiatives around the world. Interpeace tailors its approach to each society and ensures that the work is locally driven. Together with local partners and local teams, Interpeace jointly develops peacebuilding programmes and helps establish processes of change that connect local communities, civil society, government and the international community.

As a strategic partner of the United Nations, Interpeace is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has offices around the world.

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Interpeace in Rwanda

Interpeace has been working in Rwanda since 2002. During this time, Interpeace has been working in support of national institutions to strengthening durable peace, through the promotion of social cohesion, societal trauma healing, participatory governance and regional collaboration. In this work, Interpeace has had a long-term partnership with the CSO Never Again Rwanda, and we are also collaborating with the Ministry of Health, the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Local Governance and Rwanda Prison Fellowship, amongst others. Similarly, to our work in other countries.

Important programmes are our Societal Healing and Participatory Governance Programme, supported by the Swedish Embassy. This programme if focused on the facilitation of spaces that promote group-based healing and strengthening relations and improving participation of citizens in Imihigo and related processes. Similarly, an EU funded project on participatory governance is also focused on strengthening the capacity of district level governments to implement participatory governance practices. A regional programme is focused on fostering strong relations across borders. Lastly, a new programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Rwanda Prison Fellowship is focused on strengthening mental health, addressing intergenerational transmission of trauma, and promoting reintegration and cohesion of prisoners with the communities to which they return.

Position within the Organization

The Finance and Administration Manager is a member of the finance team of the Global Operations Unit. The Global Operations Unit is led from the Headquarters office in Geneva, although team members are based in different locations around the world including in Bosnia, Côte d’Ivoire, Guatemala, Switzerland, Kenya, and Libya.

The Finance and Administration Manager manages the finance function for Rwanda and the Great Lakes Regional programmes in compliance with Interpeace’s policies, standards and procedures, internationally accepted financial reporting and accounting standards, donor requirements and government rules and regulations. In close collaboration with the Great Lakes Regional Representative and Rwanda Programme Manager, the Finance and Administration Manager also responsible for the day-to-day administrative matters for the office in Kigali.

Purpose and General Overview

The Finance and Administration Manager oversees and mentors the Finance and Administration team that support the various programmes in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region. More specifically, the position is responsible for:

  • The smooth running of the component of the programmes that are implemented through local Partners and Interpeace Rwanda and Great Lakes Regional Programmes, including compliance, training, capacity building and internal audit
  • Reporting to donors
  • Oversight of all audits in the region
  • Management of existing financial systems and recommendations for improvement/enhancement of the systems
  • Oversight of the Administration function and responsible for the day to day running of the office in Kigali.

The Finance and Administration Manager works closely with Programme Managers to deliver coordinated, coherent and compliant financial management for Rwanda and the Great Lakes Regional Programmes. The position also interacts frequently with auditors, providing information and justification for financial management in the region. S/he also works closely with implementing partners to oversee, monitor and build their capacity for financial management.

The Finance and Administration Manager may be required to travel regularly within East and Central Africa Region.

Key objectives

  • Accounting and finance software is up-to-date and in line with Interpeace systems requirements
  • Preparation of donor reports in timely manner, by setting up automated reports using system tools
  • Organization of financial preparatory workshop with partners when new projects have been granted and in advance of their commencement
  • Regular visits to partners office are conducted for internal control and capacity building
  • Produce financial reports that are accurate and timely, and communicate appropriate financial information

Duties and responsibilities

Specific Duties

Oversight of Finance

  • In coordination with the Partnership Officer, undertake Partnership Assessment for potential partner organisations.
  • Monitor timely submission of Partners’ financial reports, oversee the monthly review and monitor the resolution of issues arising from the reviews
  • Train and coach Finance Officers on Interpeace Financial Rules and Procedures and specific contractual requirements imposed by donors. Monitor the country programme ensuring compliance with internal and donor regulations
  • Oversee the Kigali Office accounting, including the monthly review of Balance Sheets accounts.
  • Coordinating with the Great Lakes Regional Finance officers to discuss current issues, workloads, upcoming deliverables and other issues as they arise.


  • Prepare project budgets with Programme and Finance Officers, amend as necessary and then submit to Regional Finance Manager for review and feedback before the final version of budgets are submitted to donors. Monitor that the review and approval process is documented, and documents submitted to potential donors are filed on SharePoint.
  • In collaboration with the Global HR Manager and HR Officer, analyze compensation packages, taxation requirements, and human resource policies to ensure that Interpeace has fully accounted for the full cost of local staff compensation and benefits and is compliant with local laws**.**
  • Ensure that the approved donor budgets are coded in accordance with the Interpeace Chart of
  • Accounts (CoA), to help facilitate subsequent donor reporting.
  • Prepare annual project budgets and the annual budget for the Kigali office for inclusion in the annual Interpeace PoW&B, in discussion with Programme Officers and with the Regional Finance Manager approval. These must be based on realistic estimates of likely funding for each programme.
  • Assist Finance Officers to develop and implement finance reports (budgeting and forecasting) within the framework of Interpeace financial reporting systems, in liaison with Programme Officers.

Financial Management and Systems

  • Approve expenses, in line with approved budgets, for the programmes being implemented.
  • Cash management – oversee management of the bank accounts for the Rwanda and Great Lakes
  • Regional Programmes, and daily monitoring of cash balances.
  • This position is a signatory to the Interpeace bank accounts in Rwanda.
  • Oversee funds transfers to the Kigali Office and to Partners to make sure they are funded in a timely manner, in accordance with approved budgets and to ensure the smooth implementation of Interpeace’s programmes.
  • Review and approve Kigali office and Partner Cash Transfer Requests (CTR) – monitor that these are in line with approved budgets and are prepared and submitted in a timely manner in order to ensure smooth running of the programmes.
  • Review existing financial systems and procedures used in the country and recommend
  • Modifications to enhance these as needed, in order to improve delivery. Ensure that staff members working in the national and Great Lakes programmes understand, follow and are trained in these procedures.
  • Visit the Partners to perform capacity assessments and internal audits and reviews as required, to ensure compliance with Interpeace and donor requirements. Coordinate and supervise any subsequent training that is provided as a result of the capacity assessment.
  • For new programmes, monitor that the local Partners financial rules and procedures are harmonized with those of Interpeace. Ensure that the finance officer trains new Partners finance teams on QB, accounting procedures, record keeping, and reporting procedures.
  • Ensure that Interpeace and partners support documents are uploaded on FSD.

Financial Reporting and Audit

  • Oversee the production of accurate and timely financial management information (both succinct and comprehensive) to assist Finance and Programme Officers manage the finances of the corresponding programmes. This includes Actual v/s Budgeted spending at both the Partner level and at the consolidated programme level. Review and enhance reporting and ensure there are built-in checks to verify accuracy.
  • Monitor the funding available to each programme (especially when this is impacted by exchange rate movements), both for the current financial year but also over the life of multi-year projects and advise Programme Officers when changes in income availability will require a budget revision.
  • Provide summarised financial reporting to the Regional Finance Manager on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure donor reports are submitted in accordance with donor requirements.
  • Maintain an overview of the finances of each programme and review this on a regular basis with
  • Finance and Programme Officers and the Regional Finance Manager.
  • Provide financial training to Programme Managers and Officers when needed.
  • Coordinate Interpeace, Partner and donor audits for the region in line with stipulated statutory requirements, terms of reference and donor regulations. Ensure that a timetable outlining the tasks that need to be completed is prepared in discussion with the Finance team and then used to monitor preparations leading up to the audit.
  • Lead the implementation of the audit Management Letter recommendations as directed by the Regional Finance Manager in a systematic manner

Administration function

  • Supervise, coordinate, and support the administrative function, which includes travel and accommodation, logistics, facilities management, management of stationery and kitchen stocks
  • Manage the office rental lease and office expenses incl. electricity, water, etc.
  • Oversee the opening of new bank accounts, should this be required (including approval from the
  • Senior Director of Global Operations).
  • Ensure that Interpeace maintains appropriate insurance coverage for the facilities and local insurance coverage for inventory in collaboration with the Global IT and HR.


  • Responsible for liaison with national authorities and local partners and donors on matters related to finance.
  • Responsible for identifying areas of financial and operational risk within both Interpeace and Partners and taking a lead in mitigation measures e.g., identifying training needs and capacity building of staff, to increase knowledge and therefore reduce risks.
  • Provide feedback on the Interpeace financial rules and procedures and help to enhance and refine these.
  • Perform other duties related to finance and administration as called upon.

Management of Personnel and Resources

  • Creates an enabling work environment that fosters learning and innovation, where staff members can achieve their potential, demonstrating gender-responsive and non-discriminatory behaviour and attitudes
  • Mentors and coaches staff members, monitors, evaluates and documents the individual performance of direct reports through a staff development lens
  • In collaboration with the Global Operations Unit, establishes and implements necessary measures that respond to the health, wellbeing and safety and security needs of the staff
  • Subject to Rwanda and Great Lakes Regional programmes growth and guided by and in close collaboration with the HR unit, recruits, motivates, develops, inspires, and builds a high performance and cohesive finance team.


Candidates with relevant qualifications, experience, a tertiary degree, and fluent in English and French, are invited to apply. Relevant experience and qualifications may include:


  • Tertiary degree and a professional qualification in finance such as Chartered Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Master of Business Administration or equivalent.


  • Understanding of and experience in financial management within the context of Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs).


  • Advanced knowledge of financial and fiduciary concepts, including an ability to develop and manage complex budgets; create and interpret financial statements and reports; and develop/manage cash flow projections.
  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of management principles as they relate to multi-cultural and complex organizations
  • Accounting knowledge and operating capacity for Sun Systems, QuickBooks, and other financial management systems
  • Advanced written and oral communication skills in English and French
  • Computer literacy in all MS Office applications.
  • Ability to work within tight deadlines
  • Commitment to supporting local peace building initiatives.
  • Familiarity with Rwanda and Great Lakes Region would be an added advantage.

Interpeace Competencies

o Collaboration and Weaving

o Communication

o Drive for results

o Adaptability and Continuous Learning

o Respect for Diversity

How to apply

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their applications to Finance and Administration Manager, Rwanda by 16 May 2024, 23:59 pm, Kigali time.

The applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Early applications are highly encouraged.

The application must include:

  • a complete curriculum vitae
  • a letter of interest that includes an acknowledgement answering the following questions:

Interpeace values diversity among its staff and aims to achieve gender equality both through gender parity at all levels of the organisation and the promotion of a gender dimension in all its work. We welcome applications from women and men, and those with disabilities.

Please note that due to high volume of applications, ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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