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Under the supervision of the Country Representative, the Finance, Procurement and Administration Associate ensures consistent quality assurance of project and/or output delivery. S/he is responsible for maintaining and verifying project/output-level budget execution in line with GGGI policies and workplan budgets; setting up procurement plans; administering the hiring and onboarding process; managing contracts in compliance with GGGI policies, standard and donor requirements.

The position requires a minimum 3 years of professional experience having in-depth and comprehensive understanding of budgeting, accountancy procurement, and logistics management. Fluent Russian and/or Uzbek languages is critical. Work experience with international organizations and/or in an English-speaking work environment will be an added value. 


The Finance, Procurement and Administration Associate will be responsible for: 

  • Overseeing all aspects of finance, administration, human resources and logistics management.
  • Ensuring process integrity for program/project operation and delivery in compliance with institutional policies, standards, and donor requirements across budget execution, procurement, and HR process implementation and other operational functions.
  • Supporting the development and management of detailed budget execution plans and schedules in line with yearly work programs and budget lines.
  • Preparing financial reconciliation reports and ensuring all expenses are correctly and timely captured. 
  • Administering and monitoring procurement plans and requisition procedures in line with projects implementation plans and funding agreements.
  • Supporting the organization and implementation of projects activities including meetings & workshops, capacity building programs based on yearly/ biannual work programs and budget plans.


  • Advise the team on the procedures, policies, and tools of all operational transactions for project or output delivery.
  • Identify issues across projects and workstreams and advise project staff on remedial measures in order to maintain integrity of delivery.
  • Identify issues and risks that will affect consistent project and program delivery and report these to the relevant Project Manager(s) and Country Representative.
  • Collaborate with the Operations Enabling Units (OED) at HQ to incorporate global practices and guidelines into the country operations.
  • Support project managers in daily communication with all partners and stakeholders to develop and maintain strong partnerships while ensuring high-quality standards are delivered and continuously improving organizational processes and performance.


  • Develop, manage, monitor and report on detailed budget execution plans and schedules in line with yearly work programs and budget lines, highlighting potential risks in budget execution
  • Develop, manage, monitor and report on procurement and recruitment plans, and requisition procedures in line with yearly work programs and budget lines.
  • Consolidate financial documentation for projects and ensure accuracy of project financial reporting.
  • Verify data and ensure data entry and document consistency from spending and expenses of specific project/output management.
  • Assist the team in all procurement above USD 10,000, including negotiation definition between project leads and vendors, contract issuance, authorization of payments, submission of claims, requisition transactions, others
  • Maintain country program documentary filing systems and ensure financial  reporting/documentary quality to support monitoring and reporting for GGGI, donors, government counterparts and other program stakeholders.
  •  Support the recruitment and oversee onboarding of new staff and individual consultants.



  • B.A. degree or equivalent in business administration, finance, accounting, human resources, or other related field.
  • Certifications in accountancy, procurement, project management, human resources management, database management, information technology systems, knowledge management or communications are welcome.
  • Minimum 3 years of professional work experience preferably in finance, accounting, procurement and project management.
  • Work experience working with an international organization, and/or in an English-speaking work environment would be a strong asset.
  • Fluent verbal and written communication skills in Russian and/or Uzbek are required. Additional language abilities in English are highly desirable.
  • Knowledge of and experience in supporting implementation of project and programs relevant to green growth sectors such as Sustainable Landscapes, Climate Smart Agriculture, Forestry, , Green Investment, and NDC implementation would be an advantage.


  • Demonstrate strong organizational skills, time management, and multi-tasking.
  • Ability to perform in a demanding atmosphere and self-motivate to produce quality results on time.
  • High literacy with systems, processes, and high level of analytical thinking (particularly in use of Microsoft Excel, ERP, procurement systems, etc).
  • Comfortable working as part of and supporting a larger team, but able to work independently to complete core assignments.





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