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Job Description Summary

RThe Zone FP&A Analyst is responsible of financial planning, data analysis, and reporting to support business decisions within the zone.

This entails preparing financial budgets and forecasts, analyzing financial performance against the targets, and provide recommendations on improving efficiency and mitigating risks, evaluate the financial impact of proposed projects.

The FP& Analyst reports to the Zone FP&A Manager

Job Description

Responsibilities :

  • Actively participating in the formulation and analysis of financial plans, which includes but is not limited to budgets, forecasts, and strategic plans, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives and market conditions.

  • Engaging in the comprehensive collection, meticulous processing, and thorough analysis of financial data to discern patterns, forecast future trends, and furnish decision-makers with actionable insights.

  • Crafting articulate and insightful financial reports, adeptly delineating financial performance, highlighting pertinent variances vis-à-vis targets, and elucidating underlying drivers with precision and clarity.

  • Support enhancement on business intellegence tools for providing live financial update on key perfomace indicators.

  • Vigilantly monitoring financial performance against predefined benchmarks, diligently identifying significant variances, conducting root cause analyses, and furnishing incisive recommendations to optimize performance and mitigate risks.

  • Undertaking in-depth financial evaluations of proposed projects or initiatives, meticulously scrutinizing their potential impact on the organization’s financial health, profitability, and strategic trajectory, and furnishing cogent recommendations to guide decision-making processes.

Qualification :

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Administration or other numeracy-based topic and confirmed financial work experience;

  • Strong knowledge of GEHC financial, commercial and service operating systems

  • Strong financial and accounting background

  • Ability to manage and interpret financial data

  • Financial Acumen and Analysis:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Proficiency in creating accurate budgets and forecasts.

  • Variance Analysis: Ability to analyze deviations from expected financial performance.

  • Strategic Planning and Forecasting:

  • Scenario Modeling: Capability to model different financial scenarios.

  • Risk Assessment: Understanding and assessing potential risks.

  • Market Synthesis: Ability to combine economic indicators with company data for informed predictions.

  • Technical and Data Proficiency:

  • Advanced Excel Skills: Mastery of functions, pivot tables, look-up functions, filtering, conditional formatting, and consolidation functions1.

  • Business Intelligence Tools (e.g., Power BI): Familiarity with creating interactive dashboards, reports, and visualizations for stakeholders2.

  • ERP Systems: Knowledge of financial software and enterprise resource planning systems.

  • Effective communication skills and ability to lead numerous and diverse teams

  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to influence others and drive change while working across all levels, functions and zones

  • Strong critical thinking skills and ability to add value to operating teams

  • Experience in working in a matrixed environment

  • Adaptable/flexible: being open to change in response to new information, different or unexpected circumstances, and/or to work in ambiguous situations

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to communicate complex business issues in a clear/concise manner;

Additional Information

Relocation Assistance Provided: No

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