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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees




UNHCR provides protection and assistance to groups of refugees fleeing combinations of persecution, conflict and widespread violations of human rights. For the agency to carry out its mandate, personnel are deployed in various parts of the world, including remote and high-risk locations. 

One of Medical Section’s (MS) main objectives is providing support to the High Commissioner in fulfilling UNHCR duty of care responsibilities. This includes assessment of mandatory health support elements (MHSE) in high-risk and countries operations responding to humanitarian crises. Apart from this, the section also assists country operations in mitigation measures to address health risks and address gaps in health support elements.

Since 2020, the Medical Section has worked with country operations, other UN agencies, and external medical providers to hire medical coordination personnel, establish medical treatment facilities or primary health clinics with stabilization units in various duty stations in Asia and Africa. One of the main challenges in implementing these health support projects is funding. Most of these projects are funded by operations through funds available due to an emergency declaration. However, these projects require programmed annual funding to sustain availability of services if UNHCR personnel are to remain on the ground to stay and deliver. Finding a cost-effective model for funding these projects is a priority for Medical Section.

Because of this, Medical Section, through its Health Support Projects Coordinator will work with the intern to start the initial process for this task – that of analyzing what has been done and exploring more sustainable funding models. While working with Medical Section, the intern will have the opportunity to engage with relevant teams in UNHCR and partner organizations across the regions and in HQ, learn about current practices, challenges, opportunities and develop a proposal that may positively impact the health and wellbeing of frontline humanitarian workers in the remote and high risk locations.

The position

The intern will be part of Medical Section/Health Support Coordination team and will be closely interacting with Regional Medical Officers, Health Support Coordination Officers, Administration/Finance Officers in UNHCR in various countries; as well as other UN agencies.

Duties and responsibilities:

Under the direct supervision of the Senior Medical Officer/Health Support Coordinator, the intern will be performing the following duties:

  • Review and analyze past and current inter-agency funding models used in UN clinics or health facilities.
  • Draft an interview guide and organize interviews with key informants.
  • Collect and analyze background materials / past reports and assist with compiling, summarizing and presenting documents and reports related to Medical Section’s health support projects.
  • Document findings and recommendations in a report.
  • Assist with developing a business case for establishment and implementation of a more sustainable, cost-effective model for funding health support projects for UNHCR, in keeping with Medical Section’s strategy (guidance note) for health support.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

The intern is expected to:

  • Demonstrate self-awareness and willingness to learn from others.
  • Connect and collaborate with others to advance the work of Medical Section in providing health support for personnel in the field.
  • Analyze information and data from a wide range of sources to understand problems, inform decision-making, propose evidence-based solutions and plan action.
  • Pursue learning and development and contribute to the learning and development of others.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and ability to innovate.

Minimum qualifications required:

In order to be considered for an internship, candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be either a recent graduate (having completed their studies within two years of applying) or a current student in a graduate/undergraduate school programme from a university or higher education facility accredited by IAU/UNESCO; and
  • Have completed at least two years of undergraduate studies in a relevant field [business, business analytics, international business, entrepreneurship, finance].


  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral) in English are required;
  • Working knowledge of another UN language is an advantage.

Desirable qualifications and skills:

  • Previous experience undertaking business consultancies with private sector companies.
  • Report and proposal writing.
  • The ability to work in a multi-cultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity;
  • Working knowledge and experience in using MS Office;
  • Experience in project management processes is an asset.





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