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Pacific Island Health Officers Association

ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND: Established in 1986 by the chief health officials of the US- Affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPIs) of American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Guam, Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), and the Republic of Palau. The Pacific Island Health Officers’ Association (PIHOA) is a 501(c)3 headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, with a field office in Hagåtña, Guam. PIHOA’s mission is to provide, through collective action and decision-making, a credible regional voice for health advocacy in and for the Pacific.

Today, PIHOA’s membership is comprised of the ministers/directors/secretaries of health (executive governing board) of the six USAPIs, their deputies and Chief Executive Officers of local public hospitals (associates), and Pacific regional professional associations (affiliates). PIHOA’s Secretariat, comprised of executive, administrative, and technical staff and a number of short and long-term consultants, has been tasked to provide technical assistance to the USAPI health ministries and departments in the following health systems strengthening areas: 1) health workforce development/human resources for health (HRH); 2) health information systems, epidemiology, and surveillance; 3) performance improvement; 4) laboratory services; 5) regional health policy and advocacy; 6) health security; and 7) partnership and leadership engagement and coordination.

USAPI HRH Enumeration Profiling Project: The Enumeration project is a USAPI HRH priority that was launched in 2022 as a joint effort between PIHOA and the Pacific Islands Primary Care Association (PIPCA). PIHOA HRH Team initiated a comprehensive assessment of the healthcare workforce and the health workforce educational programs across the USAPIs, including all types and levels of healthcare workers (including clinical, administrative, allied health, support services, etc.) across all sectors (public health, acute care, community health centers, and private services). The Enumeration Project aims to identify the job titles being used in each sector, key attributes for each title (e.g., minimum educational and credentialing requirements, etc.), and numbers and characteristics of workers in those positions that are filled (e.g., age, projected retirement, etc.), funded and unfunded vacancies, and new, emerging roles/ positions that may be required (e.g., telehealth experts, biomedical technicians). The HRH Team will attempt to identify common titles and metrics that can be used for future databases and support longer-term HRH tracking and trending. In addition, the educational capacity of the healthcare workforce across the Region will be assessed for strategic HRH pipeline planning.

SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Under the remote and in-person supervision and guidance of the Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Specialist Consultant, the Data Assistant will assist the project team with completing health workforce data collection in Guam for the USAPI HRH Enumeration Profiling Project by gathering, identifying, cleaning, and extracting required data from hardcopy and other digital sources; communicate/coordinate with Guam-based public, private, or non-profit healthcare providers and other related entities that may house relevant data to obtain access to data and other information; participate in project meetings/discussions; and other related tasks.


  1. Reports To: PIHOA HRIS Specialist Consultant
  2. Geographic Areas of Responsibility: USAPIs
  3. Fiscal Responsibilities: None
  4. Signature Authorities: No; all vendor and other contracts will require prior approval and be signed off by the PIHOA Executive Director and/or assigned PIHOA Technical Staff**.**
  5. Level of Interaction: Must be able to work independently and in collaboration with other team members and diverse project stakeholders across the USAPIs health leadership, PIPCA, and PIHOA. The position will interact with a wide array of multi-disciplinary team members working across multiple locations and may include interactions with national, state, and regional health leadership, including the USAPI Directors and Ministers/Secretaries of Health and regional technical partners.

MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES/DELIVERABLES: Under the direction of the HRIS Specialist Consultant, the Data Assistant will:

  1. Participate in the planning and development of assigned projects.
  2. Assist the project team (PIHOA, HRIS Specialist Consultant, PIPCA, grantor, and other consultants) in gathering, identifying, cleaning, and extracting required data (e.g., position titles, length of service, educational levels, etc.) from hardcopy and other digital sources.
  3. Read and understand protocols.
  4. Assist with the preparation for and delivery of presentations at meetings, webinars, and collaborative activities.
  5. Gather, identify, clean, and extract required data from hardcopy and other digital sources.
  6. Collect, track, and prepare spreadsheet summaries, charts, and tables for reports.
  7. Adhere to data security and compliance guidelines.
  8. Assist in the development of procedures for the collection and integration of data sources, including forms and documents needed for data processing and analysis.


  1. Submission of monthly invoices for payment and programmatic progress reports outlining activity and performance indicator completion status and other relevant documentation providing evidence of work progress.
  2. When completed, submission of all final and approved deliverables and reports.


  1. Education: Associate degree in mathematics, health statistics/statistics, or related science field. Undergraduate degree preferred.
  2. Experience:

    • One year experience as a data assistant.
    • Experience with using data/statistical software.
    • At least one year of relevant experience related to research, data analysis, management, and processing as stated above preferred.
  3. Knowledge: Experience in supporting multi-disciplinary teams working across multiple locations; and able to effectively communicate with respect and diplomacy with a range of people from differing backgrounds, value systems, cultures, religious affiliations, and varying degrees of English-speaking and writing competencies.
  4. Abilities and Skills:

    • Must have advanced English written and oral communication skills;
    • Must be proficient with Microsoft Office software applications (e.g., Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Publisher);
    • Must meet project objectives and deadlines;
    • Must be objective and flexible to adapt to changes in priorities and work assignments;
    • Communicate with diplomacy and tact, especially concerning difficult and sensitive issues;
    • The ability to work independently on projects, as well as gain and maintain the confidence and cooperation of others; collaborate and work in multidisciplinary teams;
    • Excellent computer, critical thinking, and report-writing skills preferred;
    • Proficient in basic technical skills and the operation of data collection equipment preferred.
  5. Travel and Relocation: No travel is required.
  6. Citizenship Requirements: The candidate must possess a valid passport or US visa type that enables work and residence in the US and its territories. PIHOA does not cover expenses related to acquiring a work visa or passport.
  7. Other Requirements: PIHOA reserves the right to conduct security checks on successful applicants. Must possess a valid driver’s license. May require a valid Business License if the home duty station is Guam.

PHYSICAL/MENTAL DEMANDS: This consultancy may require prolonged sitting and some standing, walking, kneeling, and bending; requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to operate a computer keyboard and office equipment; and travel to resource-limited and/or rural and jungle/atoll/mountainous environments. Requires occasional lifting, up to 45 pounds.

COMPENSATION: Commensurate with qualifications and experience, the consultant will receive a monthly flat rate fee. Fringe and other benefits are not covered under PIHOA consultancy contracts. Consultants are required to submit monthly invoices for payment with accompanying progress reports that outline the status of deliverables.

TERM OF POSITION: This vacancy is considered a short-term independent consultancy with a contract effective date of immediately through July 31, 2024, with the possibility of renewal/extension based on performance and funding agency approval.

How to apply

Submit the following electronically with attention to the PIHOA Contracts Management Officer ([email protected]):

  1. Letter of Interest that outlines your overall qualifications and professional experience in response to the Primary Qualifications listed above;
  2. Curriculum Vitae or Resume; and
  3. Minimum of three (3) professional references – these references must be from current and past employment supervisors based on the last 8-10 years of employment.

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