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World Health Organization




Toensure that effective WHO country presence is established to implement WHOcountry cooperation strategies that are aligned with Member State’s health developmentagendas and emergency/resilience programmes, and harmonized with the UnitedNations country teams.


Compile, aggregrate, analyze geo-information related to preparedness, mitigation measures and emergency response;2. Review population vulnerability as well as Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VRAM) activities in country;3. Communicate with partners and in country hubs/UN/NGO/others to encourage data sharing in order to ensure using common standard baseline data and the availability and promotion of relevant baseline data;4. Contribute to the development of tools for data sharing to support all emergency related procedures, activities, and protocols;5. Collect, analyze and disseminate data for timely flow of health and non-health information to support decision making processes in event of acute emergency as well as early recoveryphase;6. Provide technical input to the overall information management (collection and distribution) ofemergency related resources through various mediums including e-alerts and emergencydashboards.7. Provide technical support in operationalizing country-specific common data standards andpromote them with partners using Geographic Information System (GIS), Geo spatialexpertise and data management with special skills in District Health Information System(DHIS2).8. Compile, aggregate, analyze and maintain inter-country information from WHO includingcontact lists, regional 3W, Emergency Response Framework (ERF) performance monitoring,health indicator/situation/response data and Data Validation Reports (DVR).9. Contribute to the development of Health Resources Availability Mapping System(HeRAMS) database including data update, collection and monitoring of health resources andservices in the country

Required Qualifications:



  • University degree in information management, computer science, or statistics.



  • At least 1 year of relevant experience in information management part of which in humanitarian emergency situations


  • Knowledge and understanding of theories, concepts and approaches relevant to themanagement of health information;- Ability to conduct data collection and analysis using various methods;- Ability to apply judgment in the context of assignments given, plan own work and manage conflicting priorities;- Knowledge of programme management and functioning of WHO and the UN system is an asset;- Knowledge of health situation analysis, biostatistics and / or epidemiology (including data collection, quality check, analysis), survey conduct, and management of datasets;- Knowledge of International Classification of Diseases (ICD); International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), and related classifications;• Knowledge of health statistical informatics, indicator development, monitoring and evaluation and use of statistical and health information products in supporting decision making process.

Language Skills:


  • Expert knowledge of English. Expert knowledge of Arabic.





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