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Under the overall direction and guidance of the Child Protection Manager Area of Responsibility (AOR), Sector Coordinator (SectorCrd), the Information Management Officer is to lead the development, implementation, and maintenance of robust information management systems within the Child Protection AoR in Syria. This position is responsible for ensuring accurate and timely data collection, analysis, and reporting to inform child protection strategies and interventions. Additionally, the Information Management Officer will operationalize and manage the Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS+)/ Case Management System providing technical support and capacity building to more than 58 sector partners to enhance data-driven decision-making and program effectiveness. The role aims to improve the availability, visibility and use of high-quality data to protect and promote the rights and welfare of children in Syria.

Summary of key functions/accountabilities:

The post holder is responsible for supporting the information management (IM) function to enable the effective functioning of the Child Protection AoR at national and sub-national level, and the achievement of the core cluster functions, throughout the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) in order to facilitate a timely and effective Cluster/ Sector/ Working Group response.

The postholder’s main tasks and responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

Support the Child Protection AoR in Monitoring Performance and Operations

  • Design and develop the CP AoR partners’ services mapping (actual maps) and operational presence on a quarterly basis given the dynamic evolving nature of the response.
  • Monitor and regularly update the CP AoR referral pathway both intra-sectoral and inter-sectoral.
  • Monitor and analyze the CP AoR financial situation and support financial tracking against the funding appeal and update the CP AoR strategic advisory group and partners on the trends for advocacy and resource mobilization purposes.
  • Support and follow up with CP AoR partners to regularly update the financial reporting on the Financial Tracking Service (FTS), GPC, and offline as required.
  • Support evidence-based advocacy and resource mobilization by providing accurate, relevant and timely data, information and information products.

Information Management for the Child Protection AoR in the coordination structure

  • In close collaboration with UNICEF and CP AoR coordinator, develop and implement standard tools and mechanisms to enhance the all over coordination of CP Humanitarian response in Syria.
  • Consolidate all information, periodic or ad-hoc received from different partners and generate comprehensive information products for various decision makers, ensuring the data confidentiality aspect.
  • Support HNO, HRP process by developing Secondary Data Review (SDR), Needs severity analysis, PIN and Planned reach calculation etc.
  • Analyze needs assessment data to provide required information for the HNO including estimating People in Need (PIN), Targets, and severity.
  • Coordinate closely with other IMOs within UNICEF and other clusters to ensure complementarity, harmonization, and compatibility in terms of IM.
  • Gather feedback on IM products and use to make improvements from sector partners and Donors.
  • On an adhoc invitation, participate in donor strategic planning meetings for their prioritization and provide detailed snapshots on needs/gaps as required to inform country strategies guided by the AoR coordinator.

Management and Operation of the Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS+)- Case management System as applicable.

  • Lead the operationalization of the Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS+) in Syria and support to rollout with AoR partners and operate the system.
  • Review the quality of data recorded in the system, identify any quality issues and report to the organization and project team members for corrective and follow-up actions working closely with UNICEF and the line Ministry as system administrators.
  • Monitor technical problems associated with the system and troubleshoot when necessary.
  • Provide induction to new agencies and case management staff rolling out the system and facilitate refreshing training, and on-job support on new features of the system.
  • Lead the CPIMS+ Taskforce meetings and participate in the Case Management Working Group (CMWG) and contribute to ongoing reflection and learning to improve the system performance and address issues.
  • Alerts the global CPIMS+ development team about recurring problems & communicate updates on issues in a timely manner to ensure productivity.
  • Support the AoR coordinator and UNICEF Child Protection Chief by following up with partners on the signing of the global/ UNICEF in country Terms of use for the case management system for all AoR partners to ensure UNICEF Obligations on data confidentiality and inform the sector coordinator on any red flag compliance issues for attention of UNICEF representative or CP chief.

Data Collection, Compilation and Analysis

  • Provide technical support to partners in data analysis and reporting and coordinate the collection of child protection data from various sources, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and timeliness.
  • Analyze data to identify trends, gaps, and priorities, providing actionable insights for program improvement.
  • Support the development and regular revision of the AoR and Inter-Agency Information Management tools related to the child protection AOR.
  • Develop, maintain, and update databases to store child protection information securely.
  • Build the capacity of IM/ data focal persons of AoR partners on use of various data collection tools, reporting, analysis, and IM tools.
  • Contribute to generating Cross Sectoral Assessment Needs, Service Mapping, Rapid Assessments, Sitreps and Situation Analysis.

Data Visualization

  • Develop CP AoR compelling visual representations of child protection data using various tools (e.g., Tableau, Power BI, GIS).
  • Produce infographics, charts, and graphs for reports and presentations.
  • Respond to data visualization requests from CP Coordinators, including products to support advocacy and resource mobilization efforts.
  • Conduct in-depth analyses of child protection data to identify trends, patterns, and insights.
  • Translate complex data sets into understandable and actionable information for various stakeholders.

Coordination, Networking, and partnership building

  • As a member of the CP AoR coordination team, contribute to the effective roll out and monitoring of the core cluster functions (as outlined by the IASC Reference Module) and to the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HNO, HRP and CCPM)
  • Represent the CP AoR IM function at all levels and coordinate with others within the function to ensure effective communication, reporting and engagement,
  • Actively engage with other IMs through relevant IMWGs, Assessment working groups etc including leading or participating in the working groups and representing the CP AoR on the inter-cluster IMWG
  • Build and sustain effective close working partnerships with other sectors and relevant government counterparts, national stakeholders and NGOs through active networking and effective communication – to build capacity, exchange knowledge and expertise, and to reinforce cooperation to achieve sustainable and broad results in child protection.
  • Prepare communication and information materials for CO programme advocacy to promote awareness, establish partnerships/alliances and to support fund raising for child protection AoR/ CP programmes and emergency interventions.
  • Support sub-national Cluster/ Sector/ Working Group members to contribute timely and quality periodic monitoring reports on Cluster/ Sector/ Working Group and OCHA platforms,
  • In the absence of the AoR coordinator step in as OiC and interface with the Protection Coordinator and other AoR coordinators.

Innovation, knowledge management and capacity building

  • Apply and introduce innovative approaches and good practices to build the capacity of partners and stakeholders on information management, and to support the implementation and delivery of concrete and sustainable programme results.
  • Keep abreast, research, benchmark, and implement best practices in child protection management and information systems.
  • Assess, institutionalize, and share best practices and knowledge learned.
  • Organize and implement capacity building initiatives to enhance the competencies of partners and stakeholders to promote sustainable results in child protection and related programmes/projects.
  • Support or implement actions to strengthen local and national leadership and capacity by encouraging participation of local and national actors in the IM activities of the sub-national Cluster/ Sector/ Working Group and providing support to partners to overcome technical and operational challenges in participating in IM activities,
  • Implement an IM capacity assessment and capacity development plan for sub-national Cluster/ Sector/ Working Group partners.

To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have…

Minimum requirements:


  • A university degree in one of the following fields is required: Information Management or Information Systems, GIS Information Technologies, Computer Science, Statistics, Social Sciences or another subject area relevant to Information Management or to the Cluster/ Sector/ Working Group.
  • Formal training in AoR/ Cluster/ Sector/ Working Group Information Management or an advanced university degree are considered an added advantage.

Work Experience:

  • A minimum of one year of professional experience in information management, data management, geographical information systems, assessments, situation analysis and/or PM&E with the UN and/or NGO is required.
  • Experience in child protection will be an added advantage.


  • Fluency in English and Arabic is required.





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