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OSCE - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe


The OSCE website is developed and maintained as a corporate platform out of the Communication and Media Relations Section (COMMS) resources for the benefit of the entire Organization. Since the last update of the OSCE web platform was done in 2014-2015, this project is introducing many areas of improvements, giving flexibility to the content contributors to showcase the impact of OSCE activities in a modern, compelling way.

The new website would bring increased understanding of the OSCE by its audiences, as well as creating stronger and more trustworthy image. In addition, this will give OSCE a website that is ready to support a major communication campaign in 2025, as well as easier publishing workflows for the executive structures.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Under the supervision of COMMS in-house Associate Web Developer, the Drupal frontend developer will develop and extend the OSCE’s existing Drupal 10 frontend theme and frontend components for the redesigned OSCE public website. The design will be provided by our web-designer via the collaborative design tool Zeplin ( The implementation requires working with the existing website codebase and to collaborate with a second frontend developer. 

1.    Translating provided visual designs into functional components using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
2.    Maintaining & documenting all components in a storybook styleguide.
3.    Implementing and customizing our Drupal themes to reflect the desired look and feel of the website.
4.    Ensuring that the design is responsive and works well on various devices and screen sizes.
5.    Using Drupal’s theming system and template engine (Twig) to create or modify templates.
6.    Configuring and customizing Drupal modules for frontend functionalities.
7.    Ensuring that the website functions correctly across different web browsers; Testing and fixing issues related to browser compatibility.
8.    Optimizing frontend assets for faster loading times (e.g., minifying CSS and JavaScript).
9.    Implementing caching strategies and using Drupal’s performance optimization settings.
10.    Ensuring that the website is accessible according to WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards.
11.    Working closely with backend developers to ensure seamless integration of the frontend with Drupal’s backend functionalities; collaborating with designers, project managers, and other stakeholders to meet project goals.


1.    Implementation of new Storybook components in Twig/SCSS/Javascript (mostly Alpine.js based)
•    Complex filter forms for asset search
•    Blog articles & Blog overview
•    Project pages
•    Number widget(s)
•    Timeline widgets
•    Event calendar & Election calendar
•    Table views
2.    Rework our CSS grid system, adjust existing components to the grid
3.    Work on backend components (paragraphs) to improve backend usability
4.    Maintain the existing storybook implementation
5.    Improve documentation of existing components
6.    Accessibility overhaul of existing components
7.    Re-work existing components to the updated design
8.    Optimize page loading speeds 
9.    Cross-browser testing and definition of automated browserstack tests

The Associate Web Developer will verify the performance of the Consultant and will certify whether the services have been successfully performed. 


Necessary Qualifications:

1.    First-level university degree.
2.    Minimum of five years of professional experience in web development, preferably in an international, multi-cultural environment.
3.    Demonstrated experience of Drupal frontend development / theming – provide links to examples of previous work.
4.    Demonstrated experience developing with CSS/SASS, JavaScript and Twig
5.    Experience with Material Design 2 ( is an asset.
6.    Knowledge of digital accessibility and disability inclusion
7.    Knowledge of WCAG 2.1 AA requirements
8.    Experience developing digital products that comply with accessibility standards
9.    Excellent knowledge of front-end components/patterns approach, such as UI Patterns, Pattern Lab, Storybook, etc.
10.    Good knowledge of English; knowledge of other OSCE working languages would be an asset; 
11.    Ability to establish and maintain effective and constructive working relationships with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.


Remuneration Package:

Remuneration will be based on the selected consultant’s/expert’s qualifications, experience, the tasks and deliverables for this position and in accordance with the OSCE established rates.

If you wish to apply for this position, please use the OSCE’s online application link found under


The OSCE retains the discretion to re-advertise/re-post the vacancy, to cancel the recruitment or to offer an appointment with a modified job description or for a different duration.


Only those candidates who are selected to participate in the subsequent stages of recruitment will be contacted.


The OSCE is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all religious, ethnic and social backgrounds to apply to become a part of the Organization. 


Candidates should be aware that OSCE officials shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner befitting the status of an international civil servant. This includes avoiding any action which may adversely reflect on the integrity, independence and impartiality of their position and function as officials of the OSCE. The OSCE is committed to applying the highest ethical standards in carrying out its mandate. For more information on the values set out in OSCE Competency Model, please see


Please be aware that the OSCE does not request payment at any stage of the application and review process.

Additional Information
  • Issued by: OSCE Secretariat
  • Requisition ID: SEC000477
  • Contract Type: Special Service Agreement (SSA) / Consultant
  • Grade: No grade
  • Job Type: Consultant
  • Number of posts: 1
  • Location: SEC – OSCE Secretariat, Vienna
  • Issue Date: May 27, 2024
  • Closing Date: Jun 10, 2024
  • Target Start Date: As soon as possible

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