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International Humanity Foundation




Are you involved with Media that helps people? Or wish to be? Experts in graphics and social media are needed.

Volunteer in MEDIA Globally from your home. Whether an hour a month or an hour a day, whether experienced or new; your help is needed. Meet many people from diverse cultures and socio- economic backgrounds globally, while helping children seeking a brighter future.

The International Humanity Foundation(IHF) is seeking experts and those who want to learn. Ages 18-95. Volunteering 1-2 hours a month (or week) on a long term basis. Please contact to learn more.

Media box email: [email protected]

Media Pr Division

  • IHF Cinematography
  • Writing team
  • Public Relations
  • IHF Website IT
  • IHF Social Media
  • Translation
  • Volunteer Outreach (General Online Outreach Task Team, GOOTT)
  • University Partnerships
  • IHF Newsletter




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