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UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme

Result of Service
Delivery of the following Products: Design knowledge products with focus on data storytelling and support regional events. Product No. 1: A document that includes: Communications materials for LAC Learning Lab (one invitation banner, one PPT and two social media posts), communications materials for the Oslo Tropical Forest Forum event (one invitation banner and one social media carrousel with key messages) and four social media cards, one banner for safeguards group in LAC, executive summary layout in Spanish and Portuguese for the report ‘Scaling up forests ambition’ and one edited video of Paraguay +Verde for social channels. Product 2: A document that includes. The edition of the two videos created in the context of the Project Paraguay +Verde and digital communications materials in related to the World Environmental Day, the creation of the Howspace site with the information from the REDD KM Day and four banners for social media related to forests in LAC. Product 3: A document that includes. Layout and design of the translation of the executive summary of the publication approved by the publishing board in Spanish and Portuguese ‘Achieving a breakthrough for REDD+’ and four social media cards for dissemination, the edition of the story and interviews recorded in the Learning Lab in Peru, the creation of the Howspace site with the Learning Lab in LAC activities with its visual identity., layout of the UN-REDD annual report. Product 4: A document that includes. Four social media posts produced in the context of COP29, the edition of two regional videos from LAC related to forest conservation and sustainable forest management, two newsletters, two infographics related to finance for forests. Product 5: A document that includes. One video from the Explainer Series of REDD+, a digital story and two social media banners related to the contribution of the Amazon Forests to climate mitigation, and three banners for awareness about the Dry Corridor Flagship Product 6: A document that includes. One video from the Explainer Series, two newsletter, one web story about the Safeguards Group in LAC, two social media banners about safeguards in LAC and four social media cards for the LAC Campaign on endemic trees species Product 7: A document that includes. Digital communications materials related to COP30 including at least five social media banners and one short video, at least 5 infographics with regional content from the LAC region, and social media cards about the Amazon created in collaboration with IPAM (Amazon Environmental Research Institute) Responsibilities and Activities These responsibilities and activities will focus on the LAC region but may include some global activities, to be agreed with the LAC Regional Coordinator. For the LAC region: • Create social media cards, website content and video assets in English, Spanish and/or Portuguese including: – Web and event funneling – promote existing or upcoming articles, events, campaigns or reports. – Materials for World environment day and Forest Day – Materials for Learning Lab in LAC, August including presentations, banners, video editions, interviews and materials for Howspace – Promote upcoming publications and articles (e,g Annual report) – Awareness posts – ideally 4 cards/month – Propose and create Trivia/fun facts/quizzes. – 1-minute country success clips with a focus on LAC countries – challenges and lessons learned – Materials related to the project Paraguay +Verde, including videos edition to create a story covering the mission to territory. – Materials related to thethe Flagship Corridor – Materials related to UN-REDD Programme activities in LAC. – Web and video editing for a story generated in the Peruvian´s territory on the work of the UN-REDD Programme and its impact. – Materials related to the contribution of the Amazon Rainforest to the world. • Design publications, reports, presentations, banners, infographics, and any other communication product with a focus on data visualization and storytelling and implementing innovative trends, with a focus on the LAC region. • Design project documents and outputs of activities in the LAC region. • Support the graphical design needs for outputs related to the Safeguards and Integrity Group in LAC, the Flagship Restoration of the Dry Corridor, and other UNEP related initiatives. • Provide sourcing of graphics elements like photographic images and illustrations, with a focus on the LAC region. • Process technical UN-REDD related data and information and display it in a way that is appropriate to the different target audiences. • Collaborate with other teams within the organization to ensure alignment and consistency in messaging and branding. • Participate in calls with the Knowledge Management and Communications team and in calls with Latin America and the Caribbean team. • Provide innovative ideas for data presentation, improve the quality of visual communication of UN-REDD Programme activities, with a focus on the LAC region. • Participate in the dissemination of regional events and exchanges, with a focus on the LAC region. • Ensure alignment of all outputs with UN-REDD and UNEP communication guidelines. • Ensure quality and suitability of every product developed for the needs of the team and directed at the target audience(s). For the global UN-REDD team: • Create global social media cards and video assets in English including: – Materials for REDD KM Day – Materials related to COP 29 – Explainer series (Forest/REDD+ Explained) * What is REDD+? * The role of forests in climate mitigation • Design infographics for the UN-REDD website including: – multimedia content for home and about page – web stories and web articles for UN-REDD website. • Design the bi-monthly UN-REDD global newsletter in collaboration with the global KM/comms team. Further detailed specifications for each individual assignment will be given to the selected Data Visualization Expert as and when the services are requested.
Work Location
Home based
Expected duration
12 months
Duties and Responsibilities
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment. Its mandate is to coordinate the development of environmental policy consensus by keeping the global environment under review and bringing emerging issues to the attention of governments and the international community for action. The UNEP Latin America and the Caribbean Office (LACO), located in Panama City, Panama, works closely with the 33 countries of the region and its activities are integrated into the Medium-Term Strategy and the Programme of Work approved by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA). UNEP LACO oversees the implementation of several UNEP’s projects in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. In this region, these projects are implemented by partners at national level in several countries, commissioned by the relevant government authorities. The main objective of UNEP is to strengthen countries’ capacity to identify and implement adaptation and mitigation measures aimed at increasing resilience to climate change of countries and local communities. Often, climate change and forests protection action are weakened by the limited capacities of policy makers and international organizations to transmit, in a visual way, the significance and urgency of climate action in a clear and appropriate way to the broader range of stakeholders and to the public. For these reasons, UN-REDD is looking for a Multimedia communication expert with experience in data storytelling to support the UN-REDD in the development of communication and knowledge products while maintaining a coherent branding for UNEP and UNEP initiatives and projects. The consultant will be supervised by the Programme Management Officer for the UN-REDD+ Programme for UNEP Latin America and Caribbean Office and will work from home.
Qualifications/special skills
– Bachelor’s degree in the areas of communications, graphic design or similar is required. – At least 8 years of experience working on communications, graphic design projects, illustration, advertising is required. – Experience in innovative digital campaigns is desirable. – Experience in Data Visualization and data storytelling is desirable. – Experience in synthetizing complex facts in simple and clear factsheets is desirable. – Clear, innovative, and mature style of design, demonstrating an understanding of the communication requirements of a UN agency is desirable. – Experience working with deforestation or climate change related topics is desirable. – Technical and practical mastery in graphic design softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, In-Design and Photoshop. Editing tools knowledge for videos is desirable. After Effects is highly desirable. WACOM CINTIQ is desirable. – Experience in regional communications campaigns for LAC is desirable.
– Fluency in English and Spanish is required. – Fluency in Portuguese is required. – Knowledge of any other languages is desirable.
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