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IFRC - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Organizational Context

Job Purpose

The PMER Officer’s overall task is to support the IFRC PMER Delegate and to work in a more embedded approach within the National Society, providing direct technical advice and guidance to counterparts, especially in accurate data collection and subsequently narrative reporting. The overall task is the effective delivery of all planning, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting systems and processes throughout the projects/programmes cycle in line with the IFRC PMER Framework.

The PMER Officer will work under the direct supervision of PMER Delegate and exchange technical support from respective operations, project coordinators and managers within the Country Office. The role is to work very closely with the relevant National Society staff.

Job Duties and Responsibilities


  • Provide technical advice and support to the individual counterparts within the National Society to ensure quality plans (e.g. design of the Logframe and standardized indicators) and support the PMER coordination of the plans from the different teams to bring together a coherent and high- quality plan of action.
  • Work closely with Information Management (IM) as well as Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) teams, to ensure that feedback and lessons learned   inform the development of
  • Support the PMER Delegate in verifying that monitoring and evaluation activities are incorporated into the plan and budget and plan for the implementation of the relevant monitoring systems and reporting deadlines from the
  • Maintain good communications and liaise with technical and operational counterparts, particularly IM and CEA within the National Society, to ensure that plans are informed by accurate and relevant information that includes the voices of those


  • Support with the development and implementation of a Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) plan for operations, including outlining data sources, collection methods (quantitative and qualitative methods), frequency, and audience.
  • Support the PMER Delegate in providing technical guidance to programme staff to incorporate appropriate M&E systems (e.g. post- distribution monitoring [PDM]) for their areas of expertise, including setting up indicators for the activities.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of monitoring tools and activities to capture and provide reliable and timely monitoring data to inform quality
  • Undertake field monitoring visits
  • Support in preparing analysis of monitoring, through reports, data visualization and ensure it is evidence based, user- friendly and accessible for those managing operations, to inform decision-making.


  • Coordinate all reporting activities closely with the PMER Delegate or, in her absence, with operational leadership and Regional PMER
  • Regular monitoring of the reporting timetable and deadlines to ensure agreed deadlines are met.
  • Support the efficient and effective delivery of reporting on emergency operations (including ops updates, situation reports, information bulletins, facts & figures or other relevant reports).
  • Ensure that all reporting on the operation is compliant with the IFRC’s standards and
  • Maintain good communications with technical and operational counterparts at the National Society to ensure reports are informed by accurate and relevant
  • Collaborate with technical and support managers, including Finance and Strategic Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation Unit (SPRM), to ensure compatibility between narrative and financial information in all reports.
  • Facilitate the collection of data and narrative information from key focal points at the National Society who are implementing operations

Job Duties and Responsibilities (continued)

Evaluation / Review

  • Contribute to prepare, design and implement any necessary surveys, such as baseline surveys, reviews, evaluations or lesson- learning exercises, in response to the operational requirements.
  • Participate in any internal reviews of operational progress, including lesson learning
  • Verify all review or evaluation work is evidence based and considers outcomes and outputs of the response, to ensure that this informs future operational decision-making and quality programming.


  • Contribute to the accountability focus of PMER work across operations, working closely with the CEA team to ensure accountability to affected populations.
  • Promote a culture of accountability with management and across all
  • Support the evidence-base of monitoring and evaluation work on the operation, to inform accountability to donors  and


  • Support the cross-sharing of accessible information and learning from ongoing operational monitoring and
  • Ensure that learning from all monitoring, reviews or evaluations is accessible and relevant, and can be used to inform operational decision-making.

PMER capacity building

  • Supporting the development, roll-out, and sustainable functioning of an overarching monitoring framework for the National Society’s programmes and operations, with a centrally coordinated activity monitoring and reporting system between branches and the National Society HQ. The monitoring framework is to include impact measurement (baseline, end line surveys/PDMs) and learning activities. Contribute to ensuring key capacities and focal points are in place for reporting and consolidating data.
  • Reviewing/creating SOPs, templates and online systems as needed, and defining a standard set of end products to improve internal and external reporting.
  • Contribute to learning or knowledge sharing events related to PMER, including trainings or other means of capacity development for National Society staff to facilitate the collection and reporting of activity monitoring data.
  • Support defining the role and space for the National Society PMER focal point, as well as supporting the recruitment, onboarding, training, potential mentoring and handover of certain duties.



  • Graduate degree in a relevant humanitarian or Social Sciences, ideally studies relating to data management, statistics etc is required
  • Post-graduate qualification in a PMER or related field is preferred



  • Minimum 3 years’ experience working for the humanitarian or civil society sector
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience working in planning, monitoring or reporting fields
  • Background in data collection, management, analysis and presentation methods and tools, and ability to set up systems and procedures for reliable data collection and management


  • Experience in working with Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
  • Experience working in an emergency response context

Knowledge, Skills and Languages


  • Good research and analytical skills
  • Familiarity with techniques for info data collection for monitoring based on program result frameworks
  • Good report writing and editing skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills for effective working relation and good decision making
  • Ability to adapt and adjust to change, take extra miles to accomplished work task
  • Ability to work well in a multicultural team and in a changing environment
  • Good presentation and facilitation skills
  • Advanced computer skills: Windows, Word Processing, PowerPoint, Excel & Ability to use video conferencing application i.e Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc.
  • Able to travel to project areas if required
  • Fluently spoken and written English
  • Very good command of Armenian language

Competencies, Values and Comments

  • Core competencies: Communication; Collaboration and Teamwork; Pro-activity; National Societies and Customer Relations; Creativity and Innovation
  • Values: Respect for diversity; Integrity; Professionalism; Accountability.

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