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The UCT support contract will have as its main functions those presented below, without, however, being limited to these. The development of contractual tasks will be carried out within the scope of UCT, coordinated by the operations specialist responsible for managing the technical cooperation portfolio and under general coordination of the Head of Operations of the Bank’s representation in Brazil.

What will you do:

What you will do: The selected candidate will mainly perform the activities described below:

Project planning .

  • Support the planning of activities for the implementation of technical cooperation projects carried out by the Bank or by external clients, checking their consistency and temporality with the acquisition plan and schedule; advise specialists on the correct application of applicable Bank policies, review previously and/or subsequently the documentation related to the planned consultancy and service acquisition processes to ensure that the applicable acquisition policies are being complied with; register in the universe of contracts as necessary; verify the implementation of contracted products and/or services, provide support in the preparation of communications addressed to beneficiaries related to contracts that take place within the framework of project execution. To this end, the consultant must prepare, organize and keep updated the progress of the tasks necessary to carry out the actions of the project implementation plan, detailing those responsible, status, schedule and comments, ensuring compliance with the current acquisition plan and project schedule ; continuously monitor execution and propose changes to planning if necessary; and prepare project execution information for project execution monitoring (PMR) purposes, when required.
  • Project execution management. For these activities, the consultant must carry out: insertion, monitoring and compliance with applicable contractual clauses in the system. To carry out its activities, the consultant must carry out analyzes to comply with the prior eligibility conditions; eligibility processing; analysis to comply with the preconditions for the first disbursement; budget distribution into components; budget adjustments and/or cancellation of remaining funds; provide support to the Executor in guidance and resolving doubts; comply with procedures for starting and closing CTs and other activities related to the proper execution of projects, always in accordance with the requirements of the Bank’s systems and policies.  

Financial management .

  • To carry out their activities, the consultant must mainly receive documentation and check invoices; review payment requests submitted to the Bank by contractors; check necessary documentation and verify the relevance of expenses; verify in advance the correct accounting of expenses and supporting documentation; carry out pre-analysis of payments to enable analysis and validation in the Bank’s systems; enter payments into the corresponding systems. Review disbursement requests presented to the Bank by the Executing Bodies, carrying out prior and/or subsequent investigation of the correct accounting of expenses and supporting documentation so that they are subsequently validated in the Bank’s disbursement system.

Contract management.

  • The consultant must keep acquisition plans updated and carry out processes for:   hiring a Consulting Company – Selection and Hiring of Consulting Companies for the Operational Work Performed by the Bank; Contracting of Services; Hiring individual consultants, and analyzing and not objecting to bidding documentation sent by the Executor in accordance with current guidance (for Procurement – Level I). For all project contracts, the consultant must control deadlines; control of product deliveries; archiving products; identify and prepare contractual amendments where appropriate . To carry out its activities, the consultant must mainly gather the necessary documentation for contracting individual or company contracts, to request necessary authorizations from the OCS; request the preparation of a technical and financial proposal for the chosen company and monitor the receipt of the company’s proposal; support the sector specialist in negotiating the contract with consultancy companies (organize the meeting and make the necessary records; support the conclusion of negotiations on the approved proposal based on the Bank’s standardized contracts with the selected company and corresponding signatures; register the contract in the systems from the Bank; request quotes for services according to the project team’s specifications and evaluate submitted budgets seeking the most appropriate proposal; support the project team in organizing event logistics; and effectiveness; control contract deadlines (individual consultancy, companies and services); control deliveries of contract products (individual consultancy, companies and services); (for individual consultants, companies and services); monitor requests for Letters of Agreement (request to the Operational Services Pool – PSO).

Project reports.

  • Support in the preparation of the Annual Project Monitoring Report – TCM, including updating the progress of each project in its portfolio in the system as it is executed and monitoring the delivery of the final TCM, ensuring deliveries within the established deadlines.

Information management.

  • Keep project planning, monitoring and execution information updated in the corresponding systems; create and maintain information about the Terms of Reference for contracted products; create and maintain supplier/contractual information; create and maintain information on knowledge products produced by projects; support the implementation of internal audit recommendations and external audits of projects. To carry out his functions, the consultant must mainly maintain the physical and electronic files of the projects generated as a product of his functions in accordance with the Bank’s regulations on the subject; share knowledge about best practices with the operations group and support the compilation of lessons learned that can be applied to future operations.
  • Missions, reports and portfolio review . Participate in portfolio review and project supervision meetings. Support with logistics, registration and monitoring of agreements; support the carrying out of missions to projects and participate in the preparation of mission meeting agendas and the preparation of Memory Aids, when authorized. Prepare progress reports to facilitate the inspection and monitoring of portfolio projects, the implementation of the Country Strategy and other aspects that are related to the Bank’s CT operations in the country, and other reports as requested by the UCT coordinator. 
  • Act proactively with the project teams or executors and the CBR team in the activities necessary for the success of the results of the operations under their responsibility,  establishing and maintaining a permanent, continuous and mutually supportive relationship in order to solve problems that arise during the project executing projects quickly; establish early warning mechanisms that demonstrate delays or deviations in execution and take the necessary actions to overcome these situations.
  • Perform and collaborate with other tasks requested by the coordinator or Head of Operations to ensure the delivery of the IDB Group’s operational program.

What will you need:

  • Education: University degree in Business Administration, Public Accountant/Auditor, Engineer, Social Sciences and/or similar. Candidates who have a postgraduate or master’s degree in any of the previously announced or related disciplines will be considered a plus .
  • Experience : Minimum of 2 years of experience.
  • Languages : Advanced command of Spanish or English

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