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The Forum is designed to include all island states and archipelagic countries regardless of their location, size, and level of development. According to the OECD, co-operation between developed and developing countries will create a synergy as they often possess diverse types of expertise/knowledge, data, and other resources that are valuable for discovering the solutions and for dealing with multiple challenges. There are regional initiatives that allow island states to connect with and aid one another. However, a global initiative that brings together all archipelagic and island states is yet to exist.

The AIS Forum created a unique grouping of nations to address the challenges of sustainable ocean resource use, climate change resilience, ocean pollution, emergency management and sustainable fisheries. Through the AIS Forum Secretariat that resides under the UNDP Indonesia Country Office, it implements programs around Research and Development, Entrepreneurship Support, and International Collaboration, all of which are intended to accelerate structural transformation for sustainable development and strengthen resilience to shocks and crises. Furthermore, the programs seek to promote economic diversification and green growth through low emission and climate resilient measures and to discover innovative nature-based and gender-responsive solutions for sustainable recovery. The AIS Forum Secretariat will act as a platform to meet the following outcomes: 

  • Strengthen the commitment of Archipelagic and Island States to be part of a collaborative action to address the common challenges in the areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable blue economy, marine plastic debris, and good maritime governance.
  • Identify and work towards actionable, concrete collaboration and partnerships with all relevant stakeholders, including academics, private sector, government authorities, and international.
  • Encourage the development of an integrated approach to maritime and ocean governance.
  • Establish as an open-ended, complementary, integrated, and inclusive developmental forum to create a synergy with other initiatives.

This position is under overall guidance and report to the National Project Coordinator. S/he will support the Project Management Unit. The incumbent will coordinate with various units to support the large and highly complex project on finance, procurement, HR, security, communication, monitoring, reporting and project administration.

Scope of Work

Support the project team to ensure effective project planning and implementation focusing on achievement of the following results:

  • Compiles, summarizes, and presents basic information/data on specific project and related topics or issues.
  • Implement project standard operating procedures in line with the government and UNDP’s regulations.

Support to the effective reporting on progress of project implementation.

  • Support the administration in preparing annual and quarterly work plans as well as project board meetings, audit, operational and financial closure of a project.
  • Support to the preparation of quarterly project reports, in line with the monitoring and reporting guidelines and presents it to the project assurance team on a timely manner.
  • To provide administrative support for preparation of results-oriented progress reports.

Provides administrative support to the Project Management Unit  focusing on achievement of the following results:   

  • Support the focal point for Administrative and office coordination of   project
  • implementation activities to process and follow-up on administrative actions,
  • e.g.  recruitment  and  appointment  of  personnel,  travel     arrangements, training/study tours, authorization of payments, disbursement of funds, procurement of equipment and services, security compliance, etc.
  • Provision of general office assistance such as response to simple information requests and inquiries; reviews, logs and routes incoming correspondence; establishment of filling system and maintenance files/records; organization of meetings, workshops; routine administrative tasks, including maintaining attendance records, assessing telephone billing, etc.

Support strategic partnerships, communication, and support to the implementation of resource mobilization.

  • Support in updating database of the relevant public and development partners private sector, civil society and other stakeholders who are counterparts for the project.
  • In coordination with UNDP’s Communication unit and other relevant counterpart communications department, support documentation of the project activities as a tool to communicate results, deepen stakeholder knowledge and buy-in to the project, and resource mobilization for the project.

Support knowledge building and knowledge sharing focusing on achievement of the following results:

  • Participation in the training for the operations/ projects staff.
  • Contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice

The incumbent of the position should avoid any kind of discriminatory behavior including gender discrimination and ensure that:

  • Human rights and gender equality is prioritized as an ethical principle within all actions;
  • Activities are designed and implemented in accordance with “Social and Environmental Standards of UNDP”.
  • Any kind of diversities based on ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, class, gender are respected with in all implementations including data production.
  • Differentiated needs of women and men are considered.
  • Inclusive approach is reflected within all actions and implementations, in that sense an enabling and accessible setup in various senses such as disability gender language barrier is created.
  • Necessary arrangements to provide gender parity within all committees, meetings, trainings etc. introduced.

The incumbent performs other duties within their functional profile as deemed necessary for the efficient functioning of the Office and the Organization.

Minimum Qualifications of the Successful NPSA

  • Min. Academic Education   Secondary education is  required.
  • University degree (Bachelor’s degree) in finance, public health, administration, management, social study and related will be given due consideration, but it is not a requirement.

Min.   years   of   relevant

  • Work experience   Minimum 4 years (with High School) or 1 year (with bachelor’s degree) of professional experience in administrative tasks

Required skills and competencies   

  • Fully computer literate (MS  Office);
  • Demonstrated keen interest in the work of the UN;
  • Demonstrated the ability to successfully interact   with   individuals   from   different
  • cultural backgrounds and beliefs which include willingness to try and understand and be tolerant of different opinions and views.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Full time availability for project management
  • support duties is essential.

Required Language(s) (at working level)   

  • Fluency in English is required.
  • Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia is required.





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