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General Responsibilities (Overall purpose)
The role: Under the supervision of the Senior Project Officer, and with the technical support of the CP and MHPSS Senior Specialist, the Project officer will ensure the timely and qualitative implementation of the MHPSS and Life skills related activities at the Emirati Jordanian Camp (EJC) as per the project proposal. This will be achieved by working with group of community volunteers who will be directly managed through mentoring and coaching of the Pro-ject Officer. The Project Officer will ensure the adherence of these parties to the necessary compliance and donor related procedures, as well as Tdh’s internal procedures. The main tasks of this function are:

  • • Activities Management and Implementation: – responsible for the effective implementation of project activities in compliance to the project’s workplan, monitoring and reporting on progress as per Tdh and donor procedures and guidelines.
  • Volunteers Oversight: Project Officer is responsible for the capacity strengthening of the Syrian volun-teers in the EJC through a coaching and on the job training approach, monitoring their performance, providing support, addressing challenges, and fostering a positive and collaborative environment within the volunteer’s team.
  • Quality assurance: plan and implement activities and coordinates the project resources ensuring qualitative and principled implementation and compliance with Tdh’s and donor’s regulation and the project objectives.
  • Representation: Represent Tdh’s on the area of implementation, ensure proficient coordination with local authorities, Stockholders and communities.

Specific Responsibilities / Context (Tasks)

Activities management and implementation:

• Oversees the planning of activities that is developed by the volunteers and monitors the smooth and quali-tative implementation of the activities on an inclusive, culturally appropriate and gender responsive manner

• Under the direct supervision of the Senior Project Officer. The PO uses the Project follow up tool for the tracking of workplan and other department’s tools of coordination.

• Addresses challenges, solves problems, and adjusts plans accordingly with documenting changes and loop-ing the Senior Project Officer in a timely manner.

• Ensure activities are implemented and needs for procurements are raised on a timely manner to Senior Project Officer to support the needs in the project locations.

• Ensures the documentation of activities that include the means of verification, such as activity attendance, pre and post, which will support the PM in enriching the articulation of the activity and the intervention im-pact.

• Support the Senior Project Officer in planning for the procurement needs by preparing bill of quantities, raising procurement and services requests (PSRs), follow up on procurements, in addition to documenting financial expenditures.

• Ensures the mainstreaming of the TU’s recommendations into the activities and ensures that the partners staff are well capacitated to implement the project’s activities.

• Contribute to MEAL exercises, needs assessment, context analysis, post services monitoring and any other initiative aiming at assessing quality and accountability of the project.

• Preparing detailed reports encompassing both quantitative and qualitative aspects.

Volunteers Oversight:

• Is in charge of developing a capacity building plan for the team of volunteers recruited for the facilitation of activities.

• Coaching volunteers on the implementation and management of activities.

• Collaborate with facilitators/volunteers to develop activity work plans and schedules based on the consul-tations with the targeted groups (girls and boys).

• Assist volunteers in acquiring new skills such as planning, time management, reporting, and other neces-sary skills.

• Conduct regular meetings with volunteers to ensure effective communication and coordination of activi-ties.

• Keep the Senior Project Officer informed about volunteer meeting outcomes, agendas, plans, achieve-ments, and main challenges.

• Monitor volunteers’ performance and take concrete actions to adjust or reallocate resources and capaci-ties as needed.

• Is in charge of the financial matters related to volunteers payments as per their attendance sheets.

• Report any violation of Tdh Safeguarding or Global code of conduct.

• Promote a supportive work atmosphere and cultivate teamwork among the volunteers.

• Take the lead in selection process of new volunteers.

Quality assurance:
• In cooperation with the Senior Project Officer, define clear and measurable quality standards for activities implementation based on project requirements and objectives.

• Develop tools and templates, such as checklists and observation forms, as necessary for monitoring activi-ties implementation.

• Conduct ongoing monitoring of activities to assess adherence to Tdh quality standards, identifying any de-viations or issues and taking timely corrective actions.

• Identify and address any quality-related problems or challenges during implementation, involving Senior Project officer and relevant team as needed.

• Maintain detailed records of monitoring activities, including findings and corrective actions taken, in col-laboration with the Senior Project Officer and MHPSS Specialists as needed.


• Ensure ongoing communication with the Syrian Refugees Affairs Directorate and Emirates Red Crescent re-garding permits and any collaborative activities requested by the Senior Project Officer.

• Participate in the monthly coordination meetings held at the Emirati Jordanian camp and the CP Working Group in Azraq camp, collaborating closely with the Senior Project Officer.

• Collaborate with NGOs and community representatives at the Emirati Jordanian camp to organize joint ac-tivities or initiatives as required, and in consultation with the Senior Project Officer.


• Knows and implements institutional policies on security, child protection, PSEA and Code of Conduct and fraud prevention.

• Commits to ensure the best implementation possible of the Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy (CSP) in her/his area, including participation in annual audit, and reviews and updates of action plan.

• Commits to inform the Country Representative and/or the National Safeguarding Focal Point and/or the Head of MENA Region and to deal with any case of any allegations or possibility of transgression, even po-tential, of the CSP.

• Respects Terre des hommes security procedures in Jordan.

• Knows and implements all institutional policies and internal regulations of Terre des hommes.

• S/he will have direct access to information, such as the general strategy of Tdh in Jordan, including program-ming objectives in the field, financial details, salary scale and security guidelines.

• A professional sense of security, confidentiality, and proper representation is paramount.

• Any other duty as required by the direct supervisor.


Tdh Competency Framework This role requires a mastery of Personal, Social and Leadership Competencies (PSLC), Technical and Methodological Competencies (TMC) and Management and Strategic Competencies (MSC) In particular:

• Sound personal organizational skills, including time management, ability to meet deadlines, multi-tasking, prioriti-zation of tasks, and working under pressure

• Communication of professional needs in a clear, concise and responsible manner.

• Cross cultural awareness and sensitivity.

• Tolerance and acceptance of diversity.
• Flexibility and strong adaptation skills.
Requirements for the position

Education / Qualifications

1-BSc Social Work, Social Science, Psychology, counseling, or any related fields.
2-Two-three years of experience in similar positions in MHPSS and protection activities management and community mobilization activities.
3-Experience in capacity building; training, facilitation, mentoring of volunteers.
4-Experience in working with refugee children is an assist.
5-Experience in or commitment to, working with individuals and families from different backgrounds and/or diverse cultural backgrounds.
6-Knowledge and interest of gender issues and ability to mainstream gender considerations into programming.
7-Good understanding of M&E systems and tools.
8-Solid qualitative and quantitative reporting skills
9-Mandatory fluency in Arabic; and upper-intermediate in English.
10-IT Knowledges Good use for windows programs and Child Protection Information Management system

Work location : Jordan , Emirati Jordanian Camp with limited travel to Amman as needed

How to apply

For interested candidates ,please send your updated resumes with a cover letter to the email below address Name of Applicant /Position.

Applicants are reviewed and screened before deadline ,so we encourage applicants to apply as early as possible.

[email protected]

Note :Any email with a little that does not have the required information will be disregarded.

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