Request for Proposal (RFP) for Health Education Program Evaluation

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Altamont Group

Altamont Group (AG) is issuing this Request for Proposal [RFP 21062024/HEPE] on behalf of a client to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their Health Education Program. This initiative is aimed at improving health literacy and outcomes among diverse populations in India, Malaysia, and Tanzania. By seeking experienced evaluators, AG aims to ensure that the program’s objectives—enhancing public awareness of key health issues, promoting healthy behaviors, increasing access to accurate health information, and developing health-related skills—are effectively achieved and continuously improved upon. This evaluation will provide critical insights to guide the program’s future direction and enhance its impact on public health.

Evaluation Objective & Scope


  • Evaluate Program Effectiveness and Impact
  • Assess Implementation Process and Identify Areas for Improvement
  • Provide Actionable Recommendations for Future Program Planning and Decision-Making


  • Geographic Focus:
  • The evaluation will be conducted across three countries: India, Malaysia, and Tanzania, covering diverse populations and settings.
  • Timeframe:
  • The evaluation will span a period of two years, ensuring comprehensive coverage and analysis of the program’s lifecycle.

Evaluation Methodology

The evaluation should employ a mixed-methods approach, integrating both qualitative and quantitative methods to provide a comprehensive assessment of the ongoing health education programs across India, Malaysia, and Tanzania. This approach will ensure the collection of rich, nuanced data while enabling robust statistical analysis. All methodologies should be tailored to be culturally appropriate and context-specific for each country, respecting local customs, languages, and social norms.

Expected Deliverables

The contracted firm is expected to provide the following deliverables, ensuring that all timelines are aligned with the overall project schedule and that each deliverable meets the highest standards of quality and relevance.

  • Inception Report with Detailed Evaluation Plan and Methodology:
  • Mid-Term Evaluation Report
  • Final Evaluation Report
  • Presentation of Findings to Key Stakeholders
  • Data Sets and Analysis Outputs

Expected Qualifications of Firm

  • Proven experience in conducting MERL activities in health education programs
  • Expertise in qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods
  • Strong knowledge of the health sector in India, Malaysia, and Tanzania
  • Ability to work with national consultants and local stakeholders
  • Excellent report writing and presentation skills
  • Fluency in English (additional local languages are an advantage

We are particularly seeking consulting organizations that have established networks or partnerships with national consultants based in India, Malaysia, and Tanzania.

How to apply

Proposal Deadlines

Intent to Submit

Interested and qualified consulting firms are requested to confirm their intent to submit by completing this form before 4pm EST on 04Jul2024:


Questions regarding the RFP can be submitted via this form before 4pm EST on 05Jul2024:

  • Responses will be provided by 10Jun2024


Interested and qualified consulting firms are requested to email their proposal documents (as Word and Excel attachments) to [email protected] by 4pm EST on 20Jul2024 with the following email subject line: RFP 21062024/HEPE | Health Education Program Evaluation Proposal | Name of Firm


Refer TOR for detailed RFP: RFP_Health Education Program Evaluation_24Jun2024

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