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The CDIIN team undertakes the activities above about the infrastructure sector working closely with the Infrastructure Industry Group (CNG) and the Transaction Advisory Department (CTA). The infrastructure sector remains one of IFC’s strategic priorities, and IFC’s activities in the sector have expanded significantly over the last few years. IFC through its support for investment and advisory clients, expands the reach of services in the energy, water transport, and telecommunications sub-sectors, as well as promotes sustainable mining. The CTA team provides advisory services directly to governments by primarily working downstream to advise the government on developing, structuring, and competitively tendering PPPs. CTA also works upstream with governments on laws and regulations and builds public sector capacity to implement and manage PPPs. 

CDIIN is looking to hire an experienced Results Measurement (RM) Specialist to join its team, based in New Delhi. The RM Specialist will provide expert advice and operational support to the CTA and INR advisory operational teams. RM Specialists work closely with operations teams to design programs and projects to track, monitor, and report on their results. The RM Specialist will ensure consistent application of standard impact measurement and monitoring frameworks, help generate relevant lessons learned and support staff incorporate such lessons into project design, provide technical support and program quality leadership to donor-funded facilities, and contribute to evaluative work beyond the project lifecycle. The RM specialist will contribute to various facets of the Department’s work, in collaboration with RM specialists and economists within CDI, as well as regional and IFC support department counterparts.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work with advisory teams in CTA and INR Advisory in Asia/Pacific, Middle East, Central Asia, and Türkiye (MCT) to ensure consistent understanding and application of standard impact measurement and monitoring frameworks and methods throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Monitor data quality and improve it as needed for advisory operations.
  • Provide M&E inputs to IFC’s Development Impact report, IFC’s annual report, and donor proposals and reports.
  • Train operational staff on results measurement best practices.
  • Monitor data quality and provide inputs to help Upstream & Advisory operations improve the quality of their evidence and documentation of claimed results.
  • Support CDIIN’s analytical agenda related to key topics in real sectors such as the development impact of CTA operations, and sector analytics covering thematic areas such as PPPs.
  • Provide M&E inputs to donor proposals, and lead quality assurance and reporting of results internally and externally to donors.
  • Support the design, commission, and implementation of evaluations (including donor evaluations) to enable a better understanding of ex-post impact.
  • Provide technical oversight to on-site program reviews and surveys to assess project implementation against results.
  • Ensure adequate inputs from the RM team into regional discussions around opportunities to create markets and other strategic discussions at the regional level.
  • Support dissemination of key lessons and findings from evaluations.
  • Work with clients and unit colleagues to improve insights and best practices.

Selection Criteria:

  • Graduate degree in economics/finance/business/public policy or other relevant graduate degree. A Ph.D. in economics would be a plus.
  • At least 5-7 years of relevant experience – or 2-4 years if holding a Ph.D. – demonstrating analytical skills in results measurement, economic analysis, and private sector development work with a focus on infrastructure or public-private partnerships.
  • Knowledge and experience working on infrastructure or PPP issues on the ground or supporting such work.
  • Familiarity and prior work experience in developing countries and the regions of focus are a plus.
  • Ability to apply M&E approaches, methods, tools, and terminology of development impact to ex-ante assessments, monitoring, and ex-post evaluations, including log frame development, data collection methodologies, survey design and implementation, and evaluation designs. Training or certification in evaluation is a plus.
  • Advanced skills in quantitative analysis, including Excel, and statistical software (e.g., STATA, R, SPSS)
  • Proven experience and understanding of advisory projects’ development outcome assessment and process methods. Knowledge of IFC’s AIMM system is a plus.
  • Proven capability to handle complex assignments and produce analytical work to a high professional standard, with minimum supervision.
  • Experience with business analytics and results measurement methods, including, survey design and implementation, and experimental and non-experimental evaluation designs, developing development impact thesis, designing logical frameworks.
  • Proven ability to monitor data quality and improve it as needed for advisory operations.
  • Ability to train regional management and staff on results measurement, particularly on data quality assurance and reporting of results in line with corporate guidelines and standard impact measurement and monitoring frameworks.
  • Proven ability to work in teams and capability to work in multi-cultural environments.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to communicate effectively with different stakeholders.





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