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Job Purpose:

The primary purpose of this role is to work closely with the HR department and the line manager to perform and administer Syria’s response recruitment and admin activities in Jordan and Syria. The Senior HR officer will work closely with the HR Head and HR manager and be responsible for a variety of recruitment-related projects from start to finish, covering levels from juniors to senior posts as assigned, and operating and taking up the recruitment processes from job openings to job offer.

The senior HR Officer will be involved in the relevant recruitment projects, as well as participate in the development and revision of procedures and guidelines. In addition, the Senior HR Officer will work with management as an integral part of the process of developing and implementing capacity-building activities.

Key Responsibilities

Recruitment and Selection 60%

  • Ensure and apply adherence to the Recruitment manual, processes, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), alongside the use of related appendices; to ensure that operations are efficient and effective in relation to Amman-based recruitments.
  • Carry out and run day-to-day operations of the base Recruitment in a professional manner for internal and external positions as assigned.
  • Support and guide the hiring managers with the preparation of the employee requests form (ERFs) and job descriptions, by identifying and assessing the essential and desired criteria that fit the roles.
  • Verify the consolidation of the ERF and JD templates utilized by hiring managers prior to approvals and provide recommendations on the proposed requirement criteria when necessary.
  • Update and amend the recruitment plan database in coordination and follow-ups with the line manager, upon request.
  • liaison, coordinate, and follow up with HQ recruitment staff on international recruitments as shared and requested, furthermore, correspond with HQ requirements on recruitment as well as implement all updates on the recruitment database, in addition to, informing the recruitment team, HR, and hiring Managers about the latest progress upon request or as required.
  • Examine recruitment tracking systems (Greenhouse), to ensure the accuracy of HR data and compliance with the established deadlines; Ensure all positions and relevant recruitment stages are accurately progressed and followed through the system for reporting purposes.
  • Advertise assigned and approved vacancies through GOAL’s recruitment software “Greenhouse” and on other advertisement, platforms considering the internal and external sourcing.
  • Provide the necessary support to the HR team in hiring and screening or longlisting candidates’ applications for relevant job vacancies, as well as evaluating skill levels using recruitment expertise as assigned.
  • Prepare the longlists having all the needed details to be shortlisted by comparing applicants’ relevant criteria specified in the ERF.
  • Role of coordinator, perform all necessary arrangements and coordination for assigned Syria response vacancies, with panellists, the HR team inside Syria, and the headquarters team, In scheduling tests & and interviews in person / remotely, for Jordan & and Syria’s positions.
  • Arrange, coordinate, and follow up interviews and tests stage in terms of location (in person / remotely) and the appointment by scheduling the dates and times along with sending the invitations to candidates timely, and booking the appointments on the panel’s calendar for each applicant, furthermore, send the final updates to interviewers regarding availability. (Arranging, Scheduling & and follow-up tasks).
  • Organize, and prepare for the interview questions in terms of HR-competency-based questions, review the technical questions received from the hiring manager, provide recommendations as needed, and make sure that the time designated is compatible with proposed questions.
  • Meet with the interview panel and brief them on how to use the system and vote, as well as provide and clarify the interview’s instructions.
  • Handle HR representative role for steering the interviews, searching for the proper third panel member, along with, conducting and completing the interviews by playing a vital role in selecting the best candidates to fit to fill the positions in agreement with panel members.
  • Share the final decision made in during the interviews for positions officially, along with ensuring that the scorecards are completed and submitted, with the agreed voting.
  • Liaise with technical specialists (HMs) to organize technical second, or final interviews when needed and based on ERF.
  • Proactively engage with GOAL’s recruitment process to evaluate applicants by discussing evaluation procedure results, and test results if any with hiring managers, and to ensure we recruit staff in a fair, effective, and professional manner.
  • Ensures that GOAL’s HR policies and recruitment SOPs are adhered to during the recruitment process at all stages.
  • Update the recruitment applications tracking system (Greenhouse) at each stage of the recruitment process. Ensure all roles are accurately progressed and tracked through the system for reporting purposes.
  • Follow up the completed positions on GH by closing them, send apologies emails to candidates at each stage,
  • Extract interview scorecards & and resumes and keep them in the relevant recruitment file.
  • Create a recruitment folder for each position including relevant documents and recruitment-related conversations for each recruitment stage as a reference and keep them confidential and up to date.
  • Report to the line manager regularly regarding recruitment progress and activities.
  • As assigned, perform, and carry out the entire process of recruitment and hiring of Senior Level positions (deputy manager to coordinator level), in Amman and Syria in addition to all roles in Jordan.
  • Facilitate and accelerate the recruitment process when it comes to merging positions’ ERFs into one process on the basis that the criteria and JD are met. As arranged with the line manager.
  • Handle exceptional and emergency recruitments properly, promptly, and in required collaboration with the concerned parties and as assigned by HR management.
  • Assigned to ensure that the recruitment tracker (Syria response) for Syria and Jordan positions is up to date by all HR teams on a rolling basis. additionally, assigned to review the tracker properly, support the team as needed, moreover, assigned to propose advanced ideas to enhance the tracker’s efficiency, and finally, be accountable for adding and tracking all positions handled by Amman.
  • Actively work with management in developing training materials and conducting recruitment capacity-building training for the HR team in Jordan and Syria on recruiting best practices, using Greenhouse ATS, and professionally and transparently handling the whole recruitment cycle.

Hiring Processes & Onboarding Processes: 20%

  • Perform hiring & and job offer stages, after coordinating for the offered salary, and contract period. as well as apply for the required security checks as applied in Jordan and Syria.
  • Handle the preparation of the conditional job offers for successful applicants after consulting with the head of HR to obtain the approved offered salary, step, and grade, as well as getting approval and signature.
  • Brief the selected candidate about org competitive benefits with the market, moreover, handle the relevant negotiations with them, along with keeping management & and hiring manager posted about progress.
  • Submit and complete the security check (ATSC), applying the ATSC request for new joiners in Jordan and following up on the results, ensuring that this security check is completed prior to the actual offer and employment contract
  • Work on the reference check stage; request candidates’ references along with contact candidates’ referees, review referees’ feedback, and record them properly.
  • Collect and review personal documents received from candidates, follow up on any missing documents prior to the start date, and maintain them in personal files. Arrange the first joining date with candidates as appropriate.
  • Prepare employment contracts for all newly hired staff, and JDs appropriately (staff copy), afterwards, seek HR head reviews, and the county director’s signature and share with new employees on a timely basis.
  • Facilitate the proper coordination & and communication with the operation dept. and IT dept. timely to, in order to request the administrative items based on ERF (assets & GOAL email) along with providing them with needed information. ensure that these items are organized and ready when the new joiners start.
  • Prepare and compile onboarding policies, and documents and share the welcoming email with new employees. Ensure that all onboarding documents are reviewed and signed by employees prior to collecting them.
  • Create an account for new joiners on Kefron (Leaves system), as well as request an account on LINGOS training account for them.
  • Set up the first office visit office by inviting new joiners for a tour of the job site, introducing them to senior management and colleges.
  • Ensure induction programs for new arrivals are conducted in a timely manner utilizing induction materials and policies with efficient schedules and induction program sheets are kept in staff personal files;
  • Prepare the new staff announcement email to introduce new joiners among all Syria response offices.
  • Create a personal file (soft & hard) copy having all personal documents related to a new employee to be handed to HR personnel staff.

Other Responsibilities 20%

  • Facilitate and review requests from the investigations department about recruiting matters and is accountable for responding with clear elaboration on each case, as well as presenting essential evidence associated with ongoing recruitment investigations in a timely manner.
  • As assigned, respond and provide the necessary information and explanations to the compliance department and internal audit department and ensure that respond to both units’ needs by communicating data and responding to their audit reports within the deadlines.
  • Track and handle the coding processes for all raised ERFs in Syria and Jordan, ensuring that the tracker and file codes are updated on an ongoing basis, also, communicating the updates to HR managers.
  • Communicate with the HR team on the new recruitment practices or projects, and provide circulate the related guidelines clearly, considering the proper arrangement with the line manager.
  • Follow up and maintain the recruitment black-list updates for all positions in Amman and Syria, ensuring that accuracy and the best cooperation with HR managers are met prior to adding candidates.
  • Preserve and safeguard that GOAL’s HR policies are adhered to the recruitment procedures and communication steps as well as take thorough steps to make sure that HR information is retained for legal purposes and is maintained confidential.
  • Support the implementation of the Annual Performance GWG system ensuring all Amman-based staff and managers have the knowledge and abilities to carry out the process based on set objectives, mid-year review, and end-of-year review in line with GOAL policy on performance management system.
  • Responsible for collecting probation period evaluations for newly hired staff.
  • Assist Senior HR officer in staff development
  • Assist in Issuing the personnel letters/forms such as bank letters, release and dues clearance forms, and visa request letters to be signed by signatories.
  • Understands and is able to serve as back-up on all functions completed by the fellow Senior HR Officer, including payroll, HRIS, and off-boarding, Social Security , Health Insurance, Time Sheet
  • Promote adherence to HR Compliance, Policies and Labour Law.
  • Perform any other duties as requested by the HR management



  • Jordan citizenship.
  • A bachelor’s degree in human resource management and/or Business Administration or any other relevant major.
  • Minimum 5 years’ recruitment experience, preferably with an NGO.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience working for INGOs
  • Excellent research and communications skills
  • Excellent levels of spoken and written English and Arabic. Both languages are essentially required.


  • Expert user of an ATS, ideally a Greenhouse
  • Creative approach in attracting the best candidates for GOAL.
  • Ability to network and utilize contacts.
  • Ability to accurately interview and assess candidates for appropriate roles.
  • Results-orientated and target driven.
  • Demonstrated understanding of and experience with policies, protocols, and procedures of international NGOs and donor agencies
  • Proven reporting skills
  • Enthusiastic and keen to work hard to achieve the objectives of the program.
  • Excellent analytical/problem-solving skills and detail orientation
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft productivity programs (i.e. Excel) are desirable.
  • Creative and open to learning.

General terms and conditions


Children and vulnerable adults must be safeguarded to the maximum possible extent from deliberate or inadvertent actions and failings that place them at risk of abuse, sexual exploitation, injury, and any other harm. One of the ways that GOAL shows this ongoing commitment to safeguarding is to include rigorous background and reference checks in the selection process for all candidates.

Accountability within GOAL

Alongside our safeguarding policy, GOAL is an equal opportunities employer and has a set of integrity policies. Any candidate offered a job with GOAL will be expected to adhere to the following key areas of accountability:

  • Comply with GOAL’s policies and procedures with respect to safeguarding, Code of Conduct, health and safety, data protection and confidentiality, do no harm principles and unacceptable behavior protocols.
  • Report any concerns about the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult or any wrongdoings within our programming area.
  • Report any concerns about the inappropriate behavior of a GOAL staff or partner.

This Job Description only serves as a guide for the position available. GOAL reserves the right to change this document. Any published closing dates are estimated. Due to the nature of GOAL’s work, we aim to fill vacancies as quickly as possible. This means that we will close adverts as soon as we have found the right candidate, and this may be before the published closing date. We would therefore advise interested applicants to submit an application as early as possible.

If you feel that your experience and qualifications make you the right candidate for this role, we invite you to submit your application by clicking on the link below:

Job Application for Senior HR Officer – Amman, Jordan at GOAL Jordan (

We look forward to receiving your application and potentially welcoming you to our team.

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