Specialist, Demand and Supply Planning – GL D – Temporary position until December 2025

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Specialist, Demand and Supply Planning – GL D – Temporary position until December 2025

The Global Fund aims to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria as epidemics. We invest more than US$4 billion a year to support programs run by local experts in countries and communities most in need. Since 2020, through the COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM), additional funding has been made available to support countries to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.
As part of our mandate to fight the three diseases and increase access to quality-assured health products and services at affordable and sustainable prices, the Global Fund plays a leading role in global markets for medicines and technologies that prevent, diagnose, and treat HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Every year, more than half of the Global Fund’s investments is used to procure key health products, ensuring they are available to those who need them most.
The Global Fund’s Supply Operations Department, in collaboration across the Global Fund Secretariat, is responsible for the overall management of sourcing, procurement, quality assurance and supply chain related matters, including strategy formulation and implementation, development of policy guidelines and ensure compliances, drive innovation, sustainability agenda and new product introduction, and importantly support country capacity building contributing to a more resilient and agile national health care supply chain.
To implement the Global Fund’s 2023-2028 Strategy, Supply Operations has recently introduced a new operating model, aiming to achieve accelerated value contributions to the communities and people we serve more effectively and efficiently.
Supply Operations (SO) is reinforcing the planning and procurement management function, as such the Planning & Procurement team has been created to lead end-to-end health product planning and implementation of the Principal Recipients (PR) health product demand through the Pooled Procurement Mechanism (PPM) across the Global Fund Secretariat to ensure that quality assured health products are procured and delivered to all countries supported by the Global Fund in an efficient and effective manner that will translate to significantly shorter procurement and financial cycle times, as well as supporting the speedier uptake at scale of optimal products.
The Planning and Procurement teams will also provide a second line functional role on procurement, such as policy advisor, monitoring and oversight, across the Global Fund grant portfolio and play a coordination role related to policy advice, communication and capability building.
The team operationalizes the supply of USD 2 billion health and non-health products through the PPM to 181 grants in 84 countries that represents at least 50% of the total spend on health products and more than one third of the total Global Fund disbursements. These countries include amongst them both the largest mission critical countries as well as the smaller countries with some of the most challenging operating environments. In addition to the grant spend, the team is operationalizing a procurement option for non-grant funds which is a key strategic intervention to support countries achieve their co-financing requirements before and during transition away from Global Fund financing.
As part of the Planning and Procurement function, the Demand and Supply Planning team is responsible for the end-to-end health product demand and supply planning process integration with the grant management lifecycle, and planning management operations.
Under the supervision of Manager, Demand and Supply Planning and Forecasting, the Specialist, Demand and Supply Planning will, for their assigned region, be responsible for:
1. Implementation and needed change management to establish and deliver the demand & supply planning function through processes and associated analytics enabling the outputs to deliver maximum strategic value at both grant and portfolio level.
2. Routinely provide analytics, convene, and facilitate the applicable processes across key stakeholders to enable a Supply to Demand (StD) process for a proactive management of health product demand and health product budgets and any necessary updates of the demand and supply plan.
3. Keep up to date the agreed demand and supply plan to enable implementation and aggregation – and consequent realization of the value by the PR and other key functions such as Direct Sourcing, Grant Management Division (GMD), Strategic Investment & Impact Division (SSID)/Technical Advice Partnership (TAP) and Finance.

Key Responsibilities

The Specialist, Demand and Supply Planning is responsible for the following activities and tasks for the assigned Global Fund GMD Department (with specific focus areas for each portfolio covered).

Demand & supply planning

  • In coordination with respective functions in SO, GMD, Finance and TAP, for the assigned region, roll out the implementation plan for the full grant life cycle health product demand and supply planning processes.
  • For the countries in the assigned region, ensure the implementation and needed change management to establish the demand & supply planning function and processes, through convening and implementing processes and associated analytics enabling the outputs to deliver maximum strategic value for health product demand and budget management at both grant and portfolio level including for:
    • Principal Recipients (PR) to optimize program impact and absorption
    • Direct Sourcing to have a more timely and accurate aggregate forecast to support sourcing interventions
    • Finance to provide a timely financial forecast to optimize use of funds and maximize financial absorption through accelerated procurement conversion
    • Contribute to identify potential opportunities related to strengthening procurement, in-country supply chains or Quality Assurance, including knowledge management and/or capability building
  • Support the Manager, Demand and Supply Planning and Forecasting, in the development of programmatic, financial, and strategic objectives for annual rolling grant cycle planning horizons, support faster uptake at scale of optimal products.
  • In close collaboration with GMD Health Product Management (HPM) teams produce the demand and supply plans at the disaggregated level by grant and aggregated level by region for different time horizons, to support implementation at grant level and providing aggregate detailed demand forecasts for Direct Sourcing interventions.
  • Proactively manage the interactions and engagement with the stakeholders within SO, GMD and other Department and Divisions at the various levels of the applicable Department, Region, Country Teams and PRs to develop and operationalize country demand and supply plans.

Procurement management

Support the Specialist, Procurement Management in implementing the Demand and Supply Plan to deliver the maximum strategic value to the grant, including identifying signals or triggers indicating that coordinated efforts in adjusting demand and supply plan may be necessary on the transaction or aggregated levels.

Data management & business analytics and process improvement

Support the Manager, Demand and Supply Planning and Forecasting identify opportunities to drive continuous improvements in policies, processes, and tools to achieve simplification, greater efficiency, effectiveness and compliance.

Knowledge management

Support capturing and embracing the implementation of good practices through knowledge management mechanisms, including incident and exception case management.

Coordination with internal and external stakeholders

Build relationships with key internal and external stakeholders and proactively drive alignment across all SO Teams including with the Supply Chain country focal points

Team effectiveness and capacity building

Contribute to the transformation of the Planning and Procurement Team as part of the Supply Operations “To-be” Operating Model implementation

Subject to change by the Executive Director at any time at their sole discretion



  • University degree in public health, business, public administration or a related field, or equivalent professional training plus 10 years of relevant work experience


  • Minimum 10 years of professional experience in procurement and supply chain management including in international organizations
  • 2-3 years’ experience working on procurement and supply chain in a Global Fund recipient country



  • Experience in public procurement and supply chain management
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and excellent facilitation skills to enable effective stakeholder engagement and management
  • Experience in working in teams and managing change across a matrix organization on cross-functional activities
  • Demonstrated experience in establishing and maintaining productive working relationships



An excellent knowledge of English. and preferably a good working knowledge of French or Spanish depending on regional responsibility. Knowledge of other languages would be an asset.

Role corresponding to regional responsibility for desirable language skills in addition to English

High Impact Africa-1


Africa & Middle East


Asia, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean


Organizational Competencies:

  • Global Fund awareness and mind-set Level 2
  • Service orientation Level 2
  • Drive for results Level 2
  • Collaboration Level 2
  • Interaction Level 2
  • Adaptability Level 2

Functional Competencies:

  • Procurement & Supply Chain Level 3
  • Country context Level 3
  • Risk Level 2
  • Business Level 2
  • Communications Level 2
  • Operational Policy Level 2
  • Finance Level 1.

Other Competencies:

  • Ability to identify and deliver service improvement activities across the end-to-end procurement and business processes
  • Strong business focus, result orientated with an excellent understanding of how to influence stakeholders
  • Working knowledge & understanding of project management principles
  • Demonstrated high degree of personal initiative, strong business focus, result orientation and ability to influence change
  • Ability to promote and utilize an organization’s knowledge assets
  • Ability to facilitate and strengthen the involvement of a range of internal and external stakeholders

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